…so now what

All this political bullshit made me travel to Los Angeles, California this week. I have been depressed living in the hell hole that is Rhode Island that I did the responsible adult thing and have decided to run away!!

After careful and hard deliberation I have decided to relocate to California. The key reason why I really need to move is the residents of Rhode Island are just morons. Actually, not all of them—but most of them. People from New England are always in a rush. We talk too much, we drink too much, we smoke too much, we are arrogant. The list goes on and on.

I was told by many people that I needed to travel to Los Angeles before I decided to relocate. These same people said that Los Angeles is a bit of a culture shock to someone like me from the New England area.

Well, I am here and I love it.

As I am writing this, I am at the Farmers Market in Los Angeles watching the people go by. Now, it has been a total culture shock. But, I really like it. The people are friendly, the women are hot and the beer is cold.

I am proud of myself. I realized I was unhappy. I decided to make a change. I went to L.A. I like it!! I have set a goal of six months to get my stuff in order, and move here. Subjecting myself to all this research is the adult thing to do.

Now, along the way, I had people tell me that California sucked. The people sucked. The State was full of fruity liberals. The State will fall into the Pacific Ocean during “The Big One”. The State is one burning fireball. The list of negatives went on and on. But, I did my due diligence. This was about me, not about them.

Which brings me to the tea baggers

Why do they defy logic?

How can someone accuse the President of being a Socialist, Communist, Hitler, Racist, Immigrant, Muslim, when all of that is not true?

I don’t recall a time when anyone in this Country ever had the balls to challenge any sitting President on where they were born!

I don’t recall a time when anyone in this Country was proud to display the bumper sticker of the losing candidate for President.

I don’t recall a time when anyone decided to bring a gun to a Presidential event because they wanted to exercise their second amendment right.

The one accusation thrown at Obama, he’s an “Indonesian Muslim Turned Welfare Thug” defines the people who attend these rallies. They are racists, and today it was confirmed by former President James Earl “Jimmy” Carter. And, once again, the right wing is calling Jimmy everything from “anti-Semite” to a person who builds habitat houses for Hamas.

I’m besides myself.

Many people on the left have accused the tea baggers as morons, stupid, douchenozzles (my word), and there might be some truth to this theory. One group that attended the tea party on Sept. 12, 2009 was a group called, “Billionaires for Wealthcare”

This group has got to be the funniest group in the history of the “in your face” movements.

Basically they showed up to the event in a stretch limo. When stepping out of the limo they can be seen wearing Tuxedo’s, tophats and signs that read “billionaires for wealthcare”

They walk around bragging they want to destroy good quality health care so they can continue to get rich. Thirty seconds into this, any sane person can see this is an act to mock the protesters. They can be seen telling protesters that they make millions denying people’s health claims. And they get applause.

The bottom line with all this revolt is hate. Hate is a powerful fuel. Hate is what drove Rep. Joe Wilson from South Carolina to yell out, “You lie” to President Obama during a joint session speech on Sept. 9, 2009. What he did was disrespectful, ignorant and a slap in the face to the good people of South Carolina and this Country! If I was in the House Leadership I would have him Censured, and not go with a slap on the wrist (disapproval).

I usually can give someone the benefit of the doubt, but Joe Wilson doesn’t get my sympathy. He is a racist. This was a win win for him. His district is 82% white and 18% black. At one town hall, after the incident, a black women stood up and asked if Joe would get censured. She was booed. A majority of his constituents support what Joe did. The bottom line: it’s all about the money. Fuck the apologies. The only people that apologize are the Democrats. In addition to apologizing for bad actions, the Democrats will resign. And, if a Democrat ever did that to a Republican President I’m sure he or she would be forced to resign.

We Democrats have a funny way of doing things. We let logic get in the way.