As a species of the human race it is natural to have fear. Fear is a main staple of life. But it can be a drive that forces us to either fight what we fear, or simply run away from what we fear. It is normal to fear Animals, insects, reptiles, flying, or have a fear of Dentist’s. Regardless of an individuals fears, it is not right for another person to make fun of it.


Another trait that Humans posses is the uniqueness we have as individuals. If we had the ability to act, and had the ability to look all the same–then life would rather be boring. But, we probably wouldn’t have all the problems that are thrust on ourselves. By the way, most of these problems are perceived. Someone coined the phrase that perception is reality, and that person is exactly right. So, my question to the reader is it logical to fear a firearm? I think it would be safe to say that a firearm is a logical fear of many people. The simple fact is that firearms are made for the sole purpose of killing people or wildlife game. That is the simple truth, and for anyone to spin it to conform with their ideology is dead wrong. So, why are a few members of the hard core Right Wing bringing their firearms to Town Halls, in which The President of the United States is attending? Moreover, why is the United States Secret Service letting these people do it?


For full disclosure I was never petrified, nor did I ever fear guns. I grew up on television cop shows like ChiPs, Starsky and Hutch, Kojak, The Streets of San Francisco, Hawaii Five-0, Magnum P.I. Just to name a few. I joined the Navy, and it wasn’t the branch of service that is heavy on firearms training, but I received some. But, I was traumatized with an encounter I had with a M2 Browning .50 caliber machine gun, affectionately called the “Ma Deuce” If a person ever wants to be introduced with firearms, firing the “Ma Deuce” is not a good experience. It is big, loud, shoots very fast, and if a spent casing lands on any exposed part of your body you will get burnt. I sure did! After I swallowed my pride and healed my wounds I mustered the courage inside of me to learn everything there is to know about firearms. I never wanted to look like an idiot again, especially in front of the U.S. Navy S.E.A.L.s


I spent the next three years reading up on as many gun models as humanly possible. I was familiar with all the common caliber handguns. The .22, .25, .38, .357, 9mm, .40, .45 caliber handguns. I would read field strip manuals. I armed myself with all the knowledge that I thought I would need. I would also talk to people who handle firearms. But, I was fighting off the dreaded gun purchase. I had this fear that I would be viewed by a gun merchant as a gang member, if I was to purchase. Another year went by and I knew that if I was to overcome this fear I had to buy a gun, and so I did. I looked at the gun for a few weeks, and then I went to the gun range. I bought a Kimber .45 Royal II. It is a 1911 style handgun, serious recoil. I also bought a .357 Magnum, less kick. I bought some targets, ammo and headed for the range. I was shaking. It was time. I loaded my weapon, pointed, aimed then squeezed the trigger. Holy shit, what a kick. Not only did it kick, but the muzzle flare was insane. I really was shaking. After the dust settled, and I had time to think about my experience I was exhilarated. I tackled a fear of mine, and turned it into a great opportunity. 6 years later I would probably qualify as a sharp shooter. I am an NRA Certified Instructor, and I am comfortable handling firearms.


I’m a flaming liberal who believes in the Second Amendment. I believe that responsible gun ownership can be good. But, there are many who do not feel that way. These people who feel the need to carry their firearms to Town Halls where the President of the United States is speaking are flat out morons! And, they are not doing us responsible gun owners any favors by keeping our rights to bear arms. These people who FEAR that President Obama is going to take away their guns are wrong. He has never came out and said that. In fact, when pushed by the liberal wing over weapons ban policy during the Mexican drug cartel violence, Obama made it clear he didn’t want any part of this. So, why are these people acting the way they are? For that question I do not have an answer, rather more questions.


I’m sure most of these gun toting freaks of the second amendment are parents. My question to them is, if one of their kids was failing a class in school would their corrective action be to take away the kids books? Of course not, so if the Government was thinking of banning assault weapons would the reasonable action be to parade the assault weapons in front of the Head of State with the most influential power to get the assault ban on the docket of Congress? That is just plain stupid. Now, you already know that the Secret Service is even more stupid for not putting a cork on this bottle. There are some nuts out there, and so help me God if anything happens to my President..the nut faction will increase +1