Fux News

For the love of God stop trying to masquerade as a legitimate, fair and balanced news organization. You are not! Your viewers are sycophants and that is why you suck.


Enough with the Obama/ Hitler comparisons. Hitler incinerated over 11 million Jews and Obama is working on health care for all Americans.


By the way, Hitler hated black people.


You pride yourselves as the fair and balanced network, however running 7,000 stories about A.C.O.R.N. Is so far from it. I also love all the hot women on your network, but why are they dumber than dog shit?


Oh yeah, it’s because they are reformed porn stars that spent a majority of their lives on their backs screaming, “Oh yeah, give me that big fat dick big daddy”. My, you have come a long way baby.


I have to admit that they are hot, but so is that whore of a V.P. Candidate Sarah Palin. I wouldn’t vote for Palin and I will never watch Fox News, but I will bang the hell out of all those babes. That is what Jesus would want me to do.


For the people that watch Fox I have a message for you. YOU ARE FUCKING MORONS. It is just that simple, and don’t tell me you just watch Glenn Beck because you’re bored. You watch him because you are weak minded, stupid and scared.




You are scared to exercise your mind by reading a book, so you decide to watch that train wreck of a network. You guys really need to get a life. Act like a liberal and go out and get laid!!


Liberals are so much better in the sack than you fucking conservatives, and we know how to run a Government. Every thing you guys touch turn to shit, and as usual you get a black guy to clean up your mess.


Don’t worry America, under Obama the Economy will prosper, the stock market will double, unemployment will go down to 3.5%, the budget will be balanced, we will have a surplus, the rich will pay their fair share of taxes, the middle class will be resurrected, 47 million more Americans will have health care and “Fux” News will be asking, “why is Obama always wearing his blue Hermes silk tie? Does he have a problem with red ties? Yellow ties?”



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