I have been very bitter and ticked off, lately. Actually, I have been bitter and ticked off for the past 9 years. It started when I, along with a majority of people, voted for Al Gore. Our votes did not count in that election, because the Supreme Court of The United States decided that election. Honorable mentions go to Katherine Harris, Jeb Bush, and all those idiots in Florida who created ballots that were to complicated for some 80 year old to figure out. I would also like to thank Pat Buchannan for running for President knowing damn well he would never win! Come on Pat, you are a racist and everyone, except MSNBC executives, knows about it.


Al Gore, in typical weak Democrat fashion, conceded the election to George W. Bush. You don’t see Norm Coleman conceding to Al Franken, do you? Where are the people on this? Where is the outrage that the citizens in Minnesota are lacking one U.S. Senator? There is deafening silence.


Bush went on to be the 41st President of The United States, and boy didn’t he do a great job? The first few months of the Bush Presidency was just great. He spent a bulk of his time in his Crawford Ranch, acting all manly, chopping down some trees with that pathetic south western attire. Come on Bush, you were born in Connecticut! I don’t blame Bush for spending time in Crawford. The Country was doing fine. There was a 2.7 Trillion dollar surplus. President Clinton, Democrat, shrunk the Government to a manageable and sustainable level. The middle class was thriving, home ownership was on the rise. It was a simple no brainer to just hang around the Oval office, behind the desk and sticking pencils into a sharpener and throwing them up at the ceiling. Who needs to read the security briefings? This Country is doing so great, at least that is how Bush felt In the month of August. In this month, there was information that Al-Queda was to strike the U.S., but who cares? The President was silent, and he retreated back to Crawford.


Then there was September 11, 2001. The day that this Country was truly fucked up! Excuse my language, but I have some skin in the game. My uncle who was on The N.Y.P.D. Died that day. It is pretty sad, because he just came back from one month off due to the suicide of his son, my cousin, with my uncle’s off duty revolver. The Country was with the President, myself included. I wanted every Muslim killed. I wouldn’t just arbitrarily grab a random Muslim from the street and beat them to death, but others did. So, in typical Evangelical Christian fashion, Bush went out to seek an eye for an eye. On October 7, 2001 he started down that path, by invading the country of Afghanistan. American’s were so happy. Democrats and Republicans all singing “coom by ya” while sipping their chai lattes at the neighborhood Starbucks.


George Bush decided to grow the Government an extra 40%, by creating The Department of Homeland Security. Aren’t the Democrat’s suppose to be the ones who want big Government? Isn’t Government the problem? At least that is what Ronald Reagan said. Also, by growing the Government the deficit grew. And, once again, the silence was deafening.


I don’t blame the war on Bush, I blame it on the pussy, rather DICK, Cheney. It was Dick Cheney, mr. 5 deferments for Vietnam, who decided to pressure Bush into this war. Cheney had bonefide experience in foreign matters, due to the fact that he was Defense Secretary under George H.W. Bush. So, the war went on with huge support of the American people. The President’s favorable ratings were through the roof. We were going to capture Osama Bin laden, dead or alive. But, what Bush forgot to tell the American people is that we had Osama in our sites, and orders came from higher up not to kill him. Hm, I wonder why? Oh yeah, there was an election coming up—in another 3 years! So, the neocons had to come up with another Country to blow up. They realized early on that dropping multi million dollar bombs in a country that was full of rocks, was just not going to cut it. The United States, with all our sophisticated weaponry, does not possess anything that will chop down a 25,000 ft mountain.

Actually, we have over 7,000 nukes, but we just make them to waste taxpayers dollars. It also really makes us cool. It is like the guy who compensates for his lack of manhood by buying a Corvette. The car has 500 horsepower, but the guy has a little “wee-wee”.


The Bushies knew that we could not win in Afghanistan, so they devised a clever plan to go into Iraq. After all, it worked for Bush Sr. We can go in real quick, topple a regime that the CIA put in, hang up a Mission Accomplished banner on an Aircraft Carrier and call it a day. But, the people would never go for it. Hmmm, what can we say to get them convinced? Oh yeah, Iraq and Sadam Husein have Weapons of mass destruction. But, who can we use to sell this? Oh, we can use distinguished General Colin Powell, because 90% of Americans love him. And, once the people realize that we lied we can blame it on Powell, but it won’t fail. We will be in and out in 30 days.


Note to Bush: plans should be written on paper with clear entry and exit strategies, along with contingency plans and intellectual debates on why and why not.


Once again, The media failed us. There was never a push not to invade Iraq. The media were acting like cheerleaders to the Administration. There was never any debates to the contrary. Actually, it was on liberal media programs, but no one takes liberals seriously. We live in a Center-right Country. It has been that way for like, what…


We entered into Iraq, March 20, 2003. Hmm, isn’t that when candidates start campaigning? Anyway, we have been there ever since. I know a thing or two about the military. I served in the Navy and I was in the first invasion in Iraq. For all those in support of war I encourage you to live on an aircraft carrier, at sea for 9 months straight, working 12 hours a day/7 days a week. Nine months you say, but Desert Storm was a war that lasted one month. No, actually, the United States Navy was escorting Kuwaiti ships for months, prior to the invasion. The silence in this Country was deafening.


In 2004, we had our Anti-Bush candidate in John Kerry. John Kerry had a unique feature, in that he was a Vietnam War veteran. But, the Bushies made him out to be a wussy. Nothing says wussy like a person who fought for this Country in a bullshit war across many thousands of miles, only to return to this Country and get spit on. Also, being called a baby killer. I hold the Vietnam War near and dear to my heart. I believe if I was old enough to serve in Vietnam I would have volunteered to go, no questions asked-no protest, Just like the brave men and women volunteering for these two bullshit wars in Afghanistan and Iraq. They are doing their patriotic duty, and many will pay the price. They sign up, with no questions asked. They do it, because so many in this Country don’t posses the balls to do it. I have felt each and every vets pain when I talked to them about their experience, particularly in Vietnam. I could never imagine what it would be like to see someone watch their friend get shot in the head, by the enemy. Nor, can I imagine seeing someone get blown to pieces, because they set off a trip wire. Well, George Bush and Dick Cheney didn’t, but John Kerry did.


In true, typical, Republican fashion, a smear campaign was waged against John Kerry. Operation Swift Boat was in effect. John Kerry was a flip flopper and a liar, when it came to his record. Quite frankly, John Kerry acted like a typical weak Democrat by not defending his name and honor. I did not vote in that election, because I was still feeling the stinging pain of the 2000 election. Besides, Americans are smart enough to realize that Bush is a complete and utter moron.


Kerry lost the election, and once again the silence was deafening.


The Bushies continued with business as usual, but with a twist. The U.S. Government resorted to using torture techniques towards people that were viewed as enemies of the State. The silence was deafening. Calling the main stream media, where are you? It is so ironic that members of congress, and the President are sworn to uphold the Constitution, but chose to use it as toilet paper. Who cares about the 14th amendment and its due process clause. Pfft, let’s get a clever lawyer to bend and shape rules. The silence by the people, once again, is deafening. However, the right wing is loving every single minute of it.


Nothing brings more joy, and lights up so many faces on the right, then saying we tortured the living shit out of people in Gitmo. They loved seeing the photos of the prisoners in Abu Ghraib being humiliated and forced to pose naked for a bunch of “bad apples”. But, just don’t make your profession as an abortion doctor. Administering legal abortions to mothers in this Country is so immoral, but torturing the living shit out of one individual 183 fucking times is so great. I have to laugh at the cable media whoring Lizz and Dick Cheney as the crusaders for everything that goes against the Constitution, but making David Letterman a villain for making what he suppose to make—jokes. Who is responsible for this phony moral outrage? The right wing, d’uh! Or, the media?


So, am I to believe that David Letterman is a pedophile for making a joke that was clearly meant for that whore, Bristol Palin? Why should this get media attention for a whole week, force Letterman to apologize two times, and make Sarah Palin a crusader for women?


Note to Sarah Palin: You have a bigger dick than John Holmes


I can not see the fascination with Sarah Palin. To me, she is a polarizing figure. Why does she get a pass on that “palling around with Terrorist’s” and condoning hate towards Obama? Sarah Palin is so popular that she gives Chris Matthews a certain tingle up his leg. Why can’t people see that she is truly a moron? Enough with the, “she’s a clever politician” rhetoric. She is an idiot, just like Bush, Rush and all the right winger’s who claim to be Conservative. Oh, and fuck you Joe Scarbourough! I probably spelled your name wrong, and that is because I don’t care enough to Google your name for correctness.


In case you missed it, there was a historic election on November 4, 2008. And, in case you didn’t hear it Senator McCain, You lost. And, you lost big time. It probably didn’t help you picking that heavy boat anchor, Sarah Palin. You should have picked Tom Ridge, or that crazy Mormon racist, Mitt. At least, Mitt claims to know a thing or two about the economy. It also didn’t help you supporting George Bush 90% of the time, and bragging about it. It also didn’t help when you were eating birthday cake with Bush, while New Orleans was drowning. You are truly a pathetic piece of shit, and how ironic that the first day of the RNC convention you were greeted by a very angry latino, Gustav. Karma is a bitch, and so is your wife. How dare you chant Bomb, bomb, bomb, Iran..then turn around and launch fake support for the Iranian people, as they struggle with the painful decision to go ahead with a revolution or not. How dare you criticize President Obama for doing and acting the same sorry way that you would act if your old ass were to be President. Sen. Mcnasty is the poster boy for term limits and birth control.


These are the things that get me pissed off. And, when I get pissed off I just simply lay on my bed and stare at the ceiling. It helps me think, and the one thing that always comes to mind is that certain things are out of my control.


Bush was truly the biggest dipshit ever to serve as president, and I will wait for the end of Obama’s term to grade him. But, I have faith he is going to do well. I hope he succeeds, because anyone who prays for him not do is a flaming, fucking dipshit! I hope their liver fails.


This Country is great, and this Country has more opportunity than some. If you don’t believe me just look at the U.S./Mexican border. There are thousands of Mexicans that are willing to die to come in here, but the silence is deafening. Build a wall, we don’t need them here. At least, that is what these clever congressman say. It is easier to deny access to few, than to be accountable for many. That is so wrong. And, that is so not American! Whatever happened to “Life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness” Did some clever Bush lawyer change that part, too?


Why are gays treated as “separate, but equal”? More importantly, why aren’t they marching up and down Washington like the blacks in the 60’s, for rights? Do gay people not bleed the same color as Heterosexual people? And, who is the jackass that coined the phrase, “marriage is sacred”? If marriage was so sacred why is the divorce rate over 50% in this Country. If it was so sacred then maybe a congressman can make legislation outlawing divorce! I firmly believe that gay people should be equally miserably married, just like heterosexual couples. Oh yeah, and people are born gay! Who would want to wake up one morning and say, “You know what, I really feel like sucking dick today” Wake the fuck up, America!! And, don’t spoon feed me with your religion. But, if you want to tell me that God did not create gays, because he is all perfect. Then, who created the sick and twisted priest that has an insatiable urge to molest every boy he comes in contact with? Fuck you, you self righteous , self indigenousness, pompous, scumbags.




With that being said, there are so many things in this Country to get mad, passionate, ticked off, bitter about. It is what makes us great. We can disagree with the Government without them pointing guns at us and killing us, like Nazi Germany and Communistic Russia did to their people. And, that is why we need to turn this Twitter revolution that is focused on Iran, to the things here in America. Of all the things stupid things that George Bush said, the one thing I really hated was when he said America would be greeted as liberators when we invaded Iraq. That was clearly sending a message to the world that we are better than everyone else. It is no surprise that Obama is doing damage control, throughout the whole world. The Bushies went and screwed up, not only this Country, but the whole fucking world. So, let Obama do his thing. He truly has people who know a thing or two about foreign policy. I admit that I think I know, but I would never take a side of something without arming myself with knowledge of that”something” or that “someone”.


Which takes me back to something my father once said to me, “Son, in life, you must choose your battles and be willing to fight for them-’til the bitter end” I never put much thought into what he meant, I just thought it was some crazy adult talk, but later on in life I found out what it truly means. Fate and destiny are ours. It is not predetermined, for if it was then no one would have motivation to do anything. The intelligent person chooses things on all relevant information, not just a gut feeling. It has to be carefully thought out, and yes you must be willing to die for it. The Iranian people are going through that very difficult decision, right now. It is their decision to make, not ours. Our blood will not be spilled on the Iranian streets. It will not be the blood of our parents, or our children here in America. But, if you really want to choose to support and be willing to fight for the Iranian people then, by all means, go and book a flight to Tehran. Engaging in Twitter conversations will not help them. Their suffering will be felt at the end of a machine gun barrel. If you truly want to help them in their fight for Democracy, go there. I will keep the lights on here for you..if you make it back