Sunday Talk

Where are the really good Sunday talk shows? I can recall a time when I would look forward to watching Meet The Press at nine am, then watch the Chris Matthews Show at ten am, then Face the Nation at ten thirty. Quickly switch to Wolf Blitzer from eleven am until one pm and finish off my Sunday with Fareed Zakaria at one pm. But, I now find myself watching paint dry. Because, Sunday talk has now become talking points of the Republican party. Where is the liberal media?

I had to stop watching Meet the Press when David Gregory showed his right wing bias. Just a quick note to David Gregory, THERE IS NO TRAIN TO DISNEY LAND IN THE STIMULUS BILL!!! So, why must you let Bobby Jindall repeat that…over and over and over…

I understand that the party in power must be challenged. I get it, but you must stop trying to be Fox news!! I am so sick of watching clips of Dick Cheney saying that America is not safe! America was safe up until the Bush Administration took office, After all, 911 happened on their watch. If only we had a President that would actually read the PDB, then we probably could have avoided the most horrific event that has happened to date, on U.S. Soil. I am so sick of John King giving the Republicans the last word, and I am so sick of his reports where he visits these rednecks in the rust belt. What do they know about Economics? I have a business degree with a minor in Economics and I can tell you that the Government needs to spend money right now. Where was the media the past eight years? How did we, as a nation, get hood winked into two wars? How did we get hood winked into The Patriot Act, which by the way, is the biggest Communistic act on the face of this earth!! How did the Bush Administration get a free pass for the past eight years? More importantly, why is this great Country torturing people?….Even more importantly, I find it pathetic that the “Mainstream Media” is debating tortue and it’s effectiveness. This is very sad. Perhaps, someone can invite me on one of these shows and I can debate the effectiveness of drunk driving and how everyone must do it. Why is it that I can see the light from watching a comedian, John Stewart. But, find myself yelling at the tv watching David Gregory. Even more appalling s that on Friday, April 24, 2009. Keith Olbermann reported some breaking information on the torture memos and that we tortured before it was legal. Also, these Bush Legal memos admitted that what they were doing is illegal. Why hasn’t the media pounced on that? Oh yeah, Olbermann is a liberal commentator. Oh by the way, what is wrong with being a liberal, and why must liberals call themselves progressives?

Let me give a little history lesson. Teddy Roosevelt was a flaming liberal. Abraham Lincoln was a flaming liberal. George Washington was a flaming liberal. Anytime we fight for what we believe in for the sake of a better country, we are all flaming liberals!! The people that obstruct us from doing it are the Conservatives. So, in other words..the people who were marching for civil rights in this country were the liberals. The people that were holding the baseball bats and fire hoses were the Conservatives.

Why must people be so ashamed of the word liberal, more importantly why must the media get away with the false notion that liberals believe in big Government and Socialism. I am a person who believes in clean drinking water, eating safe food, and swimming in a clean ocean. That is what makes me a liberal! The media and the people of this Country need to stand up and educate themselves. We must fight for what we believe in, and end this petty violent polarizing talk. The Republicans lost and the Democrats are in power, but this is not a red America or a blue America. This is the United States of America, so please bring back my Sunday talk shows. With no bias, and real intellectual questions!