As I look outside my square window I can hear sounds of life, all around. Everything from the birds chirping, to the kids playing outside on a warm sunny day. But, for everything that can be heard there are things that cannot be heard, nor seen. Vulnerability is a basic form of life, and the faster we realize that, the better off we will be. We are products of Earth, so does that make the Earth equally more vulnerable? For all the presence of life there is an equal presence, if not more, of death. I refer to this as a symbiotic balance with nature. For every good there is a bad. It is not an accident that animals have a distrust for humans. They distrust humans, because they have seen man’s destructive ways, therefore their vulnerability has turned to susceptibility. But, the fact remains that with all the hustle and bustle of life, we humans are the only life form on earth that know that life has an end.

If someone was to come to you and say that you were vulnerable, how would you take it? All living species on Earth have a beginning and an end. Both of which cannot be predicted, and of all the millions of living species on Earth, humans are the only species that know their time here will end. This is what makes us, humans, vulnerable. It is adhering to a force greater than your own. Vulnerability can make a person strong, but it can also make a person weak. It can make a person do something that they would never think of doing. However, a confident and skilled person can use vulnerability as a strength. They can use it to reach common ground, in many of life’s problems.

One of the greatest things ever constructed is the art of debate. Debating is a true art form that requires an extensive knowledge and comprehension of all facts pertaining to one central idea. Two people, debaters, take opposite sides of that one central idea and argue the merits to a logical conclusion. Sadly, cable news has aired pathetic attempts of arguments, with no logical conclusions, and tried to frame them as debates. It is truly a disgrace to a person who lives to debate, as I do. This isn’t just limited to the cable news round up. It was present during the Presidential campaign. Political campaigns are frustrating, because candidates tend to speak in hues of ambiguity, but the one thing that struck me was the second Presidential debate between, then, Senator Barack Obama and Senator John McCain. Senator Obama was criticized by the pundits for agreeing with John McCain on numerous occasions. These so called political analysts tried to paint a picture that Barack Obama was weak for agreeing with his opponent. A point can be made, if you are a true partisan hack. But, the facts that Obama was agreeing with McCain on had to do with foreign policy. Foreign policy was John McCain’s strength, and Obama seized on the opportunity that stood right in front of his face.

Anyone who has ever taken a management course, or a leadership course knows that in order to develop a long term strategy they must do a S.W.O.T. Analysis. S.W.O.T. is an acronym for Strengths, weaknesses, opportunities and threats. This is an important first step in analyzing a person’s, or companies, true potential. It requires a great deal of honesty and in the end it should address the person’s vulnerabilities. Obama’s vulnerability was foreign policy and inexperience. He needed to pick a V.P. with the bonafides that he could piggyback on, to gain the confidence of the American people. He also had to deal with his inexperience by skillfully shifting the debate to a change mantra. The experienced candidate, Hilary Clinton, displayed a sense of entitlement to the race. Her husband was President, therefore she should be. There is nothing wrong with that in a Democracy, because in the end the voters are the ones that check yes or no.

There is never a winner when a democracy is run from extremes. Our national motto is “United We Stand, Divided We Fall” These words still ring true today, as it was back when John Dickinson sang it in his Liberty song in 1768. This great country is heavily divided, and nothing good can come out of it.

There has to be a common ground on abortion, gay marriage and elected officials in Washington need to make it happen. We, as a people, should hold them accountable. We, as a nation, should not take “NO” as an answer. Nor, should we allow lawmakers to kick the issue down the road, because it is not “politically feasible”. It is important to realize that non committee chairs of the House and Senate make a $169,300 yearly salary. That is a salary that “we the people” pay them. In addition to that salary they also pay hundreds of thousands of additional dollars to staff and expenses. Washington needs to know that they have to work on fixing problems in this Country. Just simply saying no should not be accepted. And, we need to know that these members of Congress receive millions of dollars for a job that pays $169,300. They have to be accountable