Why I Blog…

There has never been a better time, than now, to start blogging. One of the main reason’s why I decided to create a blog is because a blogger is not held to the same standards that the traditional media is held to. The world is my oyster. I can make it a serious commentary, comedic farce, or a all out rant. Those are just to name a few. In recent years bloggers are receiving positive press. What was once an “in the closet” hobby has exploded to a legitimate form of news and editorial. This is because the majority of American’s are loosing faith in the many forms of traditional media outlets. The media has become corporate and has morphed into the road of tabloid. I can recall a time, mid eighties, when the National Enquirer would do stories on aliens and UFO abductions. There was always a line between the Enquirer and the mainstream media. My how times have changed. There is a new form of The National Enquirer. It goes by TMZ. Unfortunately, there is no line between TMZ (tabloid) and main stream media.


This is partly due to the fact that we live in a society with people who crave the limelight and fame. Many people believe that with fame comes money. In my opinion, fame begets exploitation. It is beyond my level of comprehension why anyone would go on a reality TV show to find love with some rich washed up rock star without overlooking the fact that the woman really wants the guys money! It is also hard to overlook the fact that those women already have the money, because they all have big boobs and really white teeth. It is just sickening to the many hard working people in this Country who still cling to the belief that if they work real hard that they will make it.


Also, nothing is harder for me than seeing this drama play out on national TV. Whether it is MSNBC covering car chases, or FOX covering astro turf protests, or every credible media outlet covering “Balloon boy”. Now, as a blogger I can do my part by raging against the machine when it comes to the madness of this coverage. It has been getting out of hand, for far too long. The people are getting the message loud and clear, if you want to get on TV you have to do something stupid.


Wanna be famous? Just go to a town hall that the President of The United States will be attending carrying a gun. You can make the talk show circuit, and might get your own TV Show. Oh, you’re not into guns. Run for office and when the president is speaking at a joint session of Congress yell out, “You Lie”. You will generate millions of dollars in contributions. And, if the left decides to demonize you, just play the victim. It always works.


So what do we do about it?


Honestly, it is up to us. For those of you—us–who cry about the media, it is in our hands. We have the power and the privilege to exercise the power of the remote control. The media can cover all the stupid things that happen in life, but if we chose to turn off the television (and actually pay attention to the family) than that will send them the message that they have to stop.