One of the hardest things that we humans have to deal with is fitting in. It is no wonder that many people are hooked on alcohol, nicotine and narcotics. There is no limit to what we will do to belong. This is not new. This is what binds us to the tides of the Earth. It is a trait that we share with all living things on Earth.

So, is it wrong? Wrong for us to surrender our beliefs or ideals to give into temptation? Why is it so important to belong?

According to Abraham Maslow we all have needs. The need to survive, need to belong, need for esteem and self actualization needs.

But, once again, why do we feel the need to do or say anything to make someone else happy?

I decided a long time ago to not have friends. For far to long I would hear stories from women saying how they were so mistreated by a man. Some of the women were beaten by the man. Naturally I would tell the girl to break it off with the person, and they would have the “thorned” look on their faces. The look that screams “But, I love him”

How can anyone remain in love with someone who will raise a fist to them?

Many people tout that marriage is sacred. I am not one of them, but if I was I would not get a divorce.

I think that the reason why we feel a strong need to belong is because that is who we are as Americans. We all have something to prove, and that is not necessarily wrong. We are all different, and isn’t that just great.

Nothing is more irritating than walking into a room with total strangers. I always have a feeling that everyone is looking at me and laughing. It isn’t until I have a few drinks in me that I can loosen up and have a , “I don’t care attitude”. That is usually when my humor comes out and I feel the need to light up a room.

Don’t get me wrong, I am not a drunk. I haven’t had a drink in five years, but I also haven’t attended a function in five years.

It is tough living life all alone. I think this is why we have a need to belong. It is tough when a person loses their job and has no one to fall back on. No one to cry to, or use as a sounding board. Many of the jobless who are single know that feeling. It is a feeling of helplessness. A feeling of uncertainty. Losing a steady paycheck is very difficult, but there is always something new on the horizon. Some things on this marvelous planet are just meant to be, but nothing is cast in stone. Life is not a guarantee. A job is not guaranteed. That is why we all should give a piece of ourselves to someone else. Maybe that is the best way for people to like us.

In the end all we have is our name, and in the end people will be viewed more favorably than when they were alive


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  1. We’re social animals. We need each other. In the end, that’s all that lasts. The connections that we have with others, over time, are our imprint. What really matters is how we make each other feel. I love the title of this post, “Belonginess”. Great coinage. Peace.

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