A liberal’s perspective to following politics in the 21st Century

Many who follow politics know that it requires strong passion, deep beliefs and a conviction that your party is better than the opposition.  Followers must arm themselves with knowledge. “Knowledge is power” and it is the person with power who can control the message.  However, it is also clear, the party in power usually does not do an effective job when it comes to governing.  The Republicans, party of fiscal responsibility and less Government, managed to waste a 2 trillion dollar budget surplus, spend 1 trillion dollars on two wars, increased the Government by 40% creating Dept. of Homeland Security, increased the national debt from 4.7 Trillion dollars to 12 trillion dollars, passed a whopping 700 Billion dollar bail-out to Wall Street banks and dropping the economy into a state of free fall that is still ongoing.

The Democrats have been to blame for actions taken to get this Country’s economy and high unemployment back to “pre Bush years”.  Many Economist’s believe that the Government must spend money to get the economy “out of the ditch”.  It is this spending that the opposition party is crying foul on.  Using rhetoric such as, “deficit spending that is going on, in the Government, will be passed on to our children and to our grandchildren” This rhetoric has fallen on deaf  ears.  For it was them, that spent with reckless abandonment.

Japan, in the nineties, went through a similar recession.  Analyst’s refer to this period as,  “The Lost Decade”.  A recent report that came out, the other day, states that The United States Economy had 0% gain from the period of 1999-2009.  This statistic is staggering and it speaks volumes to the leadership that was present, for it was President Bush behind the wheel.  His argument supporting tax cuts for the rich was, and has been proven  an utter failure!!  Of course, Republicans will try to spin this and make  blame to President Bill Clinton.  In their eyes, it was all his fault.

The terror attacks on September 11–Clinton’s fault.

The recession–“What recession”.

The stock market tumble–Clinton’s fault.

The hatred that the rest of the world has for America–Reagan was great!

Too many progressives nothing is more frustrating than trying to deal with people who lack the cognitive and reasoning skills needed to make the American political system the greatest in the world.  Humans are one of only a few select species on Earth who have these skills, but it is the “right-wing” Republicans that choose to ignore these God-given skills and hold on to ideas that shape their beliefs.  The “right-wing” will resort to name calling, race baiting, illogical thought and reasoning to try to get their point across.  It is pretty sad when a person chooses to ignore fact, on the side of fiction.

But, the fight must go on and the message has to be clear.  Refusing to argue on the basis of fact will hurt the future fabric of this Country.  The show must go on