Jacob goes to the beach

Jacob might be the perfect liberal, but he gets bored from time to time.  This week has been particularly depressing for him, on the account that the Republican Scott Brown won the senate seat that was previously occupied by Teddy Kennedy.  Jacob knew that he needed to get away, but he did not have the funds.  He took his dog for a walk, and he managed to bump into an old friend.  Her name is Lilly, and Jacob developed a really big crush on her in high school. Lilly has the longest hair and prettiest smile.  It was so hard to look her in the eye, never mind trying to ask her out on a date.

The years haven’t been to good for Jacob, and he was thinking that Lilly wouldn’t recognize him.  But in one breath Lilly exclaimed, “Jacob!”  He tried to stay calm but it was clear that she transformed him back to an adolescent.  “Lilly is that you?”, he asked.  “Yes, how are you? What are you up to? Are you married?..any kids?”.  She expressed interest in him and Jacob did something that he was never able to do,

“If you’re not to busy you wanna get a cup of coffee?”.  Lilly smiled and accepted Jacob’s invitation.

They went to the local diner and talked for hours.  There was never an uncomfortable moment.  He was so surprised that Lilly was not married.  He was also surprised she didn’t have kids.  Maybe she is a psycho? He needed to know  “It is not common for a beautiful 37-year-old woman to not have kids”, he said to Lilly with a frisky smile.  She gazed at him for what seemed to be forever and asked, “You want to go to the beach?” Jacob quickly replied “yes!”

Many people would agree that the promise of going to the beach is romantic, but it was in the middle of winter with an outside temperature of 20 degrees.  But Jacob didn’t care.  It was Lilly he wanted to be with.  So, they jumped in his car–with his dog–and proceeded to the beach.