Lilly leaps at the chance

Jacob and Lilly had an hour to get acquainted  during the ride to the beach, and they seemed to enjoy each other’s company.  Jacob loved it so much that he decided to take the long way to their destination.  Upon arrival, they looked out into the ocean and commented on the height of the waves.  “Looks like High Tide”, Jacob said with a smile.  Lilly simply nodded her head, as in agreement.  They stepped out of the car, and Jacob rushed to her side so he can open her door.

Lilly never had anyone in her life to open the door for her.  She just got out of an abusive relationship with Larry.  Larry was her long-term boyfriend she met in High School.  Jacob knew this, but he didn’t want to mention it–as to not hurt her.  “Smell that?”, Lilly said as she was twirling.  “Nothing can come close to the smell of salt air…isn’t it so romantic, Jacob?”

Jacob had an internal struggle to find the words to speak.  He settled with, “sure”.

Jacob’s dog took well to Lilly, as he was siding her the whole time.  They proceeded to walk the length of the beach.  Although it was only 20 degrees they didn’t show any signs of cold.  They were consumed with one another.  Jacob looked in her eyes and he felt like this was his chance.  This was his chance to take her away.

“You know, Lilly, we don’t have to stay in this cold and dismal State.  “Oh really”, Lilly said.  “What do you recommend we do?”

“Let’s sell all our belongings and move to sunny California” Jacob said with confidence.  Lilly was silent for what appeared to be for minutes and shouted emphatically with a “yes!”

With that said, they held each other in their arms and said in unison, “Damn, it’s cold!”