I want my Country back

The battle cry of the Tea Party movement is to chant, “I want my Country back”.  They also like to display racially offensive photos of President Obama, while clinging to the U.S. Constitution.  But what they do not realize is that they are dead wrong.  They are wrong on their interpretation of our Founding Fathers beliefs, and they are wrong on their vision.

When often asked by the opposition on what exactly they mean when they say, “I want my Country back”, they refer to the U.S. Constitution.  But it is my observation that they do not have a clue what is in the Constitution.  They often confuse this document with The Declaration of Independence.

I recall a time when a “teabagger” stated that he wanted people in this Country  to be able to have, “..life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness just like it is written in the Constitution of this here United States”.  Naturally, the interviewer did not correct the “teabagger” by telling him that was a quote attributable to The Declaration of Independence.

The movement might not be all that ignorant, but it shows the blatant ignorance of the people that are in the movement.

Where are the black people?

I am sure that a few million Blacks  have a distrust for Government and society at large.  Blacks and Hispanics have been at the bottom rungs of society and the economic prosperity ladder, so surely they should take part of this movement.


They are not a part of this movement.  The real question is that if an overwhelming amount of Blacks and Hispanics trust a system that hasn’t advantaged them, and a majority of White’s who distrust a system that has overwhelmingly worked for them–what is going on?

Keith Olbermann is right.  The Tea Part movement is a racist movement–pure and simple.