The enigma of Sarah Palin

My parents came to this Country close to 40 years ago, and they were told that with hard work and education they can make all of their dreams come true.  In fact, they are very successful.  However, what is alarming in today’s society is the success of people who do not take the time to put in the hard work and all the money that comes with fame.

Sarah Palin decided to say yes to John McCain‘s poor lack of judgement to be his Vice Presidential nominee in the 2008 election.  Saying yes went against his “Country first” platform, because she had zero experience, and would be a “heart beat” from the presidency.  The Republicans were quick to point out the lack of experience thatBarack Obama had, but tried to make the argument that Sarah Palin had executive experience for having served as Governor of Alaska and Mayor of Wasilla.  However, she lacked knowledge on all fronts.

According to the number one selling book, “Game Change” Sarah Palin did not know that Africa was a Continent.  She had no clue who fought in World War II.  She had no idea behind the conflict the United States engaged in Korea.  Add all of this to the interviews she had with Katie Couric and Charles Gibson and it was clear to anyone with half of a brain that she was clueless.

It is fine to be clueless.  Most people that are not born with talent usually go on to do other things.  They are comfortable with the fact of working a real job and they are able to still provide for their families, but with the rise of television reality shows all of these rules go out the window.

Sarah Palin is totally clueless, and the media loves her.  With all the other pressing problems in this Country the media loves to cover Sarah Palin with a microscope.  She writes notes on her palm and everyone loves it.  Her husband was controlling Alaska while she was tanning in her tanning bed–they eat it up.  She pays someone to write a book for her, and goes on a million dollar book tour–they love it.