Why does it have to rain on a Saturday?

You work hard during the week.  You put in all the overtime.  You deal with the bitching, just so you can enjoy the weekend.  So, what happens?  It decides to rain!

Who made it so?  Why must it always rain on my parade?  Some will say that rain is better than snow, but I heavily disagree.  It is an inconvenience, but I’m not one of those people who feel the need to run away like I’m going to melt if the rain hits my body.  I can’t help but laugh at people who, mostly women, that have to make a sprint to their cars.  They cover their heads with all kinds of things they can find.  They direct their husbands to go to the car and pull up to pick them up.  Why are people so afraid of the rain? After all, it is just water.

Well, whatever it is I can tell you one thing–it is depressing.  i can’t go for a long walk.  I can’t go to the beach.  I can’t go to the park, but I can stay in and enjoy someone else’s misery.  The misery of not being able to enjoy the weekend that they so terribly deserved.  I guess there is always next weekend. 🙂