Road 2

Now this is what I’m talking about!

After a dismal first day full of heavy rain, and enough wind to make a grown man cry–the second day was splendid.  It went without a hitch, and left me wanting to drive longer than the 13 hours I did.

I left Danville, PA at 4 a.m., on the advice of @missno (on Twitter).  It was misting out, and the windows on my Corolla were foggy.  I drove 260 miles to Akron and took a break.

If anyone is traveling and would like to know where they can get free wi-fi–have no fear–McDonalds provides their customers with free wi-fi.  The ride through Pennsylvania was really slow.  It is very hard to climb the mountains at the speed limit in a four-cylinder car.  The ride through Ohio was fun.  I was totally blown away by the General Motors plant in Dayton, Ohio.  Also, the Budweiser factory was a sight to see.  Looking at these factories reminded me of the good days, back in Rhode Island.

traveling down 80 W, then on to 70W was truly amazing.  I was surprised by the lack of traffic.  In the early morning hours it seemed I was the only one on the road.  That was good, I guess.

Of all the State’s on my journey, I was blown away by Indiana.  As a Yankee, I tend to buy into the “country hick” or “Bible belt conservative”.  Honestly, there is something that is charming about Indiana.  The people are friendly, and the drivers are courteous.  It was when I went through this State that I realized how different Rhode Island is.  In Rhode Island everyone is in a rush to get to no where.

Day three will be a 695 mile trip to Oklahoma City, OK.  I will, once again, leave at 4 am.  With the time change it will work in my favor.


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