another day..another dollar

The great thing about living in Southern California is the fact that one can never die of boredom.

Many people who I know always try to make the most of life.

“Let’s do this!” “Let’s do that!” Let’s go out and drink!” “Let’s have fun!” “Live a little, will ya”.

It sounds good to others, but I’m more of a “homebody”.  I am usually comfortable sitting in front of the laptop and television.  Well, not this time.  I have made it a point to go out and enjoy the sun.

Today started with a drive down the 405 to Venice Beach, CA.  To be honest, I didn’t much care for it.  It was crowded, but the streets were dirty, and the air wreaked of urine.  I’m not a fan of urine, so I jumped back in the Corolla and decided to change the scenery.  Next stop is Malibu.

I took the Pacific Coast Highway, and was constantly grabbing the camera.  There were so many things I saw on the way.  So many motorcycles, and my favorite was a rigid chopper that was roaring down the road.  The rider was wearing a vintage helmet and jacket that was reminiscent of something that Peter Fonda would wear in the movie “EZ Rider”.  That is alright in my book.

The coast was beautiful, but there weren’t too many people on the beach.  I guess that is to be expected, seeing that it is only a week or two into spring.  I’m sure the activity will pick up in the summer.  Either way, it was fun to step outside of my comfort zone.  I had a chance to strike up some small talk with a few people.  I talked to a couple of surfers who really knew how to ride the waves.  When I asked them if the water was cold, they responded by saying, “Fuck yeah, dude!!”

The one take away from Malibu is that it’s not as glamorous as television makes it.  Sure, people drive fancy cars.  But i think they go to Malibu to relax.  I could be wrong, but keep in mind that I am looking at California through the lens of a lifetime Rhode Islander.  Good or bad, this sure is going to be a lot of fun…at least I hope so