Jacob and Lily move in together

Last time, Jacob and lily were walking together on the beach.  They had met after a long time apart, and Jacob has always loved her.  Ever since they were in High School, Jacob knew that someday they would be together.  And that someday is now.

After several months of getting to know one another they have decided to move in together.  What they also decided was to leave their home State of Rhode Island for a warmer place.  They discussed many States.  States such as Florida, Arizona, Texas and California.  After months of deliberation they settled on California.

They knew it would be an expensive place to live, but they both had so many dreams.  Jacob wanted to be a drummer for a rock band, and Lily wanted to be a tambourine player.  She is, after-all, a hippie.

The day had come to make the move.  They sold off most everything, and the things that weren’t worth much, they threw out.  The car was packed, the emotions were high and they were off.  Destination is California.  They didn’t set a deadline to get to their destination.  They wanted to soak in the landscape of the Country.  Besides, they had enough money to last a few months.

During the trip Jacob would often think how lucky and fortunate he was to have a girl like Lily.  He reflected on the time back in High School when he would lust over Lily.  Lily, however, was craving cocaine.  She has gone two days without it, and has kept this a secret from Jacob for all this time.  She would sneak in her habit while Jacob was at one of his three jobs.  Lily was living with guilt, but Lily was also trying to find an opportunity to snort a line.  She hid a weeks worth of cocaine in a length of pantyhose.  She enjoyed looking into Jacob’s eyes.  She sees the love that he has for her.  She also hopes, with time, that her love for him will be even or stronger than his.

Lily passed over so many men for Jacob.  Tommy, Lily’s dealer, was one of the men that she passed up for Jacob.  Tommy was abusive, and Lily sort of liked that.  She has always spent her life living on the edge, but Jacob was able to give Lily what she wanted.  And Jacob was easier to manipulate.

They spent fifteen days on the road.  They had seen mountains, corn fields and other things that made them feel small in the world.  Lily managed to fight off her cravings for the powerful drug that has taken over her life for many years.  At the end of their trip Lily was able to look into Jacob’s eyes.  She saw it.  She saw the love, for the first time.

Now, she always had a love for Jacob.  but this time it was different.  For so many months, she would look at Jacob and see drugs.  This time she looked at him and thought only of him.  She liked that feeling, and she had to look into his eyes more and more.

Jacob had to ask her what was the matter.  She just smiled and said “I love you”.  Jacob smiled and said “I love you more”.