There is always tomorrow

Have you ever decided to take a job, then realize that you are in way over your head?  What do you do?

For starters, you go into the experience–set to be the best you can be.  You do everything that is asked of you.  You are a quick learner, and as each passage of time you realize that you have a knack for it.  In the beginning, you looked up to the person training you.  However, after some time on your own, with an overwhelming level of knowledge, you realize he isn’t that smart at all.  Why stop there.  Your boss is a moron, your co-workers are lazy and you are the hardest worker in the company.  You develop an attitude, but who cares.  You exist to make the company money.  They should be grateful to your ass.

I don’t call in sick.  I don’t take vacations.  I have never been late, and I even missed my mother’s funeral to make a deadline set by management.  I keep telling myself I don’t want to be the guy wearing the suit in the corner office, because they are so messed up. They also lack common sense.

In fact, I benefit greatly for being an hourly employee.  I can make extra money working overtime.  Due to the economy I haven’t worked that much overtime, but business will pick up.  Besides, I’m not going to be here longer.  I’m smarter than anyone. I make enough money to barely pay my $2,200 a month mortgage, my $720 BMW car payment, my $120 a month cell phone bill (8-year-old needs her phone), my $300 in monthly manicure’s and my $150 cable bill.

Time has passed, and you are bitter.  Management makes unbelievable demands on you.  Every time you build up the nerve to ask for time off, you are quickly viewed as a not being “a team player”.  You voice your concerns, and you are labeled as a cry baby.

You don’t even look forward to going in to work anymore.  Every day, management puts more and more pressure on you.  It makes you work are’re not going to take it.


You hear the latest rumor.  Layoff’s are coming.  You think about your monthly overhead, and then you think about all the things you have done and said.  “I’m a damn good worker.  They would have to be stupid to get rid of me” After looking around, you realize people are putting their heads down when they look at you. Fear sets in.   “I’m getting it”.  Shit!

You think about your monthly expenses.  I will be nice at work.  You slip up, and go ballistic.  There is always tomorrow.

Tomorrow comes and you get a message to go to Human Resources.  “You have been terminated”

If only I had yesterday, but hey…there is always tomorrow.