The American Dream

I am the product of immigrants.  My parents came to this country from the Cape Verde Islands over thirty years ago.  They came here to live the American dream.  For a chance to work a decent job, make decent wages and to be able to afford the finer things in life.  Life was hard for them at first, but they made it.  My father received a job at Exxon Shipping Company.  My mother worked at Hasbro.  They, along with my Grandmother, did what they needed to support me.  My father was always going to school.  He had a goal to be an oil tanker Captain.  He did it, and he bought a Corvette.  My mother took a job at the local bank.  They bought their first house three years after coming to America.  They had a chance at the dream.  I feel like I was a part of that dream, along with my brother and sister.

American’s are no different.  We all know people with similar stories.  So why is it that people are now so quick to harbor ill-will towards people who want to enter this country?  Are they to be excluded for trying to do what so many faced in their situations would do?  Can any American understand the plight of Mexicans living in Mexico?  Can any American understand that they don’t have the same opportunity we have here?

We live in a country that abides by words set forth in the Constitution.  The first ten amendments are called the Bill of Rights.  We are afforded certain rights.  We, as Americans, benefit from these rights.  So, why should we turn our backs to a group of people that look different, while holding a completely different set of rules for the people up north?

There isn’t a rush of Canadians crossing into America, is there?  Would people notice? Would people care?  Would people care that this country would get an over abundance of white people surging in?

We can put up the biggest fence. We can place thousands of border guards.  We can arrest as many illegals in this country, but until we address the main reason they continue to risk their lives for the pursuit of happiness–then nothing we do will work.