Who are you?

Try to remember back to when you were in high school.  Who were you?  Were you the class clown, maybe the teacher’s pet, homecoming queen–or–king, the preppy, nerd, geek, greaser.  Now answer the question of who you are today.  Has time changed?

Do you have any children? What are they like in school?  Are they introverted? Are they extroverted? …troublemakers?

Now, try to remember who you gravitated to.  Did you assimilate more to the people who closely resemble your make-up, or the opposite.  Perhaps, you gravitated to the group that you aspired to be.

Were you a bully?  Have you ever been bullied, and if so how did you react. I don’t think that I was bullied.  I was made fun of, but I fought back the negative words with humor.  And I still do it today.

Getting older is such a drag.  It is especially harder when you do not have a special person to share in life’s adventures with.  One more question, what is your self-esteem like?  On a scale of 1-10 (10 most confident) where would you put yourself?

Life is what you make of it.  The world is your basketball court, and it is waiting for you to take a shot.