Blocked by @KeithOlbermann

I fell in love with MSNBC during the presidential general election, two years ago.  I don’t know what made me follow politics.  Before that, I was hooked on the Discovery Science Channel.  I was addicted to watching anything that involved the Mercury, Gemini and Apollo space program and don’t get me going on the planets.  My mind is wired to learn, I guess.

I, originally, watched CNN for coverage of the general election.  But, I wasn’t blown away.  The one thing that really bothered me was the reporters and anchors letting the Republicans get away with so many lies–then–one day I stumbled on to MSNBC and David Shuster.  Man, was this guy tenacious.  He would never let any of the Republicans get away with their lies, at least unchallenged.  Shuster also directed me to my second love–Twitter.

One day David Shuster made an on-air plea for his viewers to log on to Twitter, and he would read their tweets on-air.  I honestly had no idea what Twitter was.  I went on the site, registered and started to tweet.  I had no idea what a follower was, what a tweet was, or even how to send a tweet.  And, once a tweet was sent–who would see it.

The first person I followed was David Shuster–he followed me back–which I found out later–is not the norm.  Normally, when a celebrity or news person registers for a twitter account they usually follow other people in their network, or other celebs–However–there are exceptions.  I had several of my tweets read on the air, and it was exciting.  Another thing that was exciting was to get to tweet with the regulars who watched the show.  There was @seagirlx, @mwj1231, @chloebeetle, @utbr and many more that I can’t remember now.  It felt good to interact with a group of people who shared the same interest that you did.

Of all the MSNBC anchors, reporters, and analysts David was the only one on Twitter.  Many in the profession believed that Twitter was cheesy, but not David.  And, certainly not me.  Twitter was fun, and it felt like you were  a part of something–close-knit club or family.

Slowly, but surely, David started to convince his co-workers to sign on.  I was excited to see @tamronhall @contessabrewer @alexwitt to join the club.  Then there was @davidgregory, but we don’t really like him.  But, of all the MSNBC talent, there was only one other person that we all wanted to join Twitter.

That person was Keith Olbermann

Nothing made me happier than tuning into “Countdown with Keith Olbermann” every weeknight at 8 pm EST.  I also had a Twitter ritual, a ritual that lasted for months, I would tweet “Which of these stories…” at precisely 8pm and @utbr would RT my tweet followed by “..will you be talking about tomorrow”.  That was the ritual, and we would have enjoyed to interact with Keith–just like we had with Shuster.  We pretty much begged anyone on MSNBC to get Keith to join.  I tweeted @craig_crawford from CQ Politics, who use to be a regular on Countdown, and I asked him if Keith would consider tweeting.  He replied probably not, because of all the imposters on Twitter pretending to be Keith and Twitter’s lack of willingness to ban the imposter’s accounts.  In fact, Keith was so disgusted with Twitter that he named Twitter “Worst person in the World” for that very same reason.  It turned out that the accounts in question were not made by imposter’s, rather they were made by the network as API feeds.

To make a really long story shorter, Keith signed on to Twitter.  We were so happy, and he didn’t waste any time.  He was tweeting so many people–and it seemed like he would be on for hours.  I swear, I was one of the first people to tweet him.  I tried to let him know that I was a huge fan–no response.  I tried my unique brand of humor–no response.  I looked at who he was tweeting and quickly realized that he like to tweet cute white girls, so I created an account–@OlbermannsBrain and had an avatar of a chick with really big “ta-ta’s” I tweeted him, and he responded–by blocking me.  That was alright, because I still had my main account–@shaggieshapiro.  I can get him to respond to me.  Hey, I am the guy who got @aplusk, @alroker, @marielhemingway, @susanpowter, @finallevel (Ice-T), @contessabrewer, @tamronhall, @lesliesanchez, @capehartJ, @stephenasmith, @rolandsmartin, @michellesinai, @sinbadbad, @savannahguthrie, @markos, @shannynmoore, @jackrice, @DavidShuster, @SandraBernhard, @craig_crawford, @amberettinger (Obama Girl), and my Twitter love @lesliemarshall to respond to my tweets.  Surely, I could get @KeithOlbermann to respond.

Keep in mind, I didn’t resort to begging or kissing his ass to get him to respond to me.  Nor, did I beg anyone of my followers to plead my case.  It is worth noting that something else was going on.  Keith decided to follow the “little people”, so my tweetstream was full of people feeding his narcissism in an attempt to get a follow.  I always get a response from a celeb when I make a snarky tweet.  I backed off tweeting Olbermann, because it was clear he was not going to interact with me.

Truth be told, ever since he joined Twitter–I stopped watching the one show that I looked forward to watching–“Countdown with Keith Olbermann”.  I’m watching “Campbell Brown” on CNN now, but I couldn’t give up on getting a response from Keith.  In my last attempt to get a response from Keith I tweeted him this,

“Ha! @KeithOlbermann is getting his ass beat in the ratings by @CNNCampbell

It provoked a response from Keith that read,

“Keith Olbermann @shaggieshapiro ah I see the problem. You think 150 > 250”

I was so happy! This was it! Mission Accomplished, well it was until I found out that the tweet I sent him got me blocked.  I mean, come on–I was blocked because I jokingly said that Campbell Brown was beating him in the ratings????  Campbell Brown’s ratings are in the toilet, and if he took the time to read my profile–or my tweets–he would know who I am.  But, maybe he just didn’t like what he saw.

After all the years I defended him–from all the wingnuts who said the problem with Keith is that he puts people on his show that agree with him–no dissenter’s.  For years I was proud to carry the “Olbermann Kool-Aid”, and this is how I get treated?  He has ruined my experience, and MSNBC’s President Phil Griffin has too.  With the absence of David Shuster, and the arrogance of Keith Olbermann I am left with no choice but to stop watching MSNBC.

Twitter is just not cool anymore.  Looks like I will be hanging around Facebook.  Hopefully, that douchebag won’t be on there.

P.S.  If @AlRoker didn’t block me because I tweeted “Man, I sure am thankful that I am not as ugly as Al Roker” , than what does it say to a person like Keith that blocked me for something that is laughable on it’s merit??


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  1. I love your writing. Hilarious story…and completely accurate. He caters to all the #Fokkers….his show was nodding heads and boredom. (I honestly thought he was boring and bloviating, but appreciated him). My quest to reach Keithy was honestly to make my parents jealous, but all I did was get a message “your avatar is beautifully artistic. Is it a doll or a painting?” Haha…

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