The pendulum swing

As a veteran of the United States Navy I can stand here and tell you that I served my country.  I do not ask for anything in return.  I chose to do it for me–only me.  I didn’t volunteer to protect your first amendment rights (Sarah Palin), I did not do it to protect your second amendment rights…I just did it for me.

The Connecticut Attorney General that is running for U.S. Senator has stepped in it big time.  Richard “5 deferments” Blumenthal is going around telling people he served in Vietnam.  Well, at least, it was once..on tape.  Have I ever embellished my service?  Sure I have!! We all do, especially sailors.

But this is the difference between my words and Blumenthal’s words.  I might have exaggerated about how many women I slept with when I pulled into an overseas port.  I might have stretched the truth when talking about how many beers I consumed in an hour, or I might have been dishonest in some “macho” thing I could have done while I was serving.  But, I never stated that I served in a war that I fought so hard to avoid.  That is what you did, Blumenthal.

According to the New York Times article published on May 17, 2010 stated that Blumenthal received as much as 5 deferments from 1965 to 1970, in an effort to avoid the war in Vietnam.  To me, that is cowardly.  I have a passion for studying the Vietnam conflict. I have talked to so many Vietnam vets that are so proud that they served.  They hardly talk about seeing their friends die in front of their eyes–it is just understood.  What they do freely admit is their bitter resentment towards the people who went to college–in an effort to dodge the draft.

What Blumenthal did was deplorable, but why all the media attention?  The short answer…It’s the ratings..stupid!

The media would like nothing more than to see the Democrats go down in miserable defeat.  It is no coincidence that the coverage has been favorable to the Tea-Party movement, Rush Limbaugh, Glenn Beck, FOX NEWS and any other shill for the Republican Party.  By favorable I mean that any publicity is good publicity.  As much as they try to mock them, they advance their cause.

So..Where was the media and their brilliant questions when Dick Cheney, Mr 10 deferments, became the Secretary of Defense?   The chicken hawk in charge of U.S. Troops should have made some headlines, right?

The lesson here is that the media is afraid of the right-wing echo chamber.  They are loud, they are loyal and they are persistent.  They will not stop until they get who they want in to office.  When that happens the media can be lazy, and just repeat what the right-wing wants to hear.  It is then, and only then, when they can achieve some level of ratings and monetary success.  But, by then the pendulum will swing back to the liberals….decisions….decisions