Piece of Sh#t Car

The other day a person asked me why I drive such a piece of shit car.  Clearly, they do not know me and the cars I have owned in the past.  The one thing that this economic recession has taught me is to live within my means.  There was a point in my life when I had 7 cars, a truck and a motorcycle.  Enough is enough.  The car that I drive today is one of my choice.  It serves me well, and my 1989 Toyota Corolla made the cross-country drive from Rhode Island to California.

What is important to me is the money in my bank account at the end of the month, and not the kind of car I drive.  There used to be a time when I was shallow.  Like the time I bought a 2004 Range Rover SE.  I couldn’t afford it, and I was so relieved when I sold it.  You try paying $700 a month–for a car.

Well, my piece of shit car gets me to work and back–on time.  My piece of shit car might be old, but so what???  I am free from a car payment.  I am free from high insurance, and I am free to go wherever I want.  You can go on living your life…just don’t try to live mine.


One thought on “Piece of Sh#t Car

  1. I don’t drive a piece of shit car. I drive my dream car. But I would never ask someone else why they drive a piece of shit car. That’s just rude.

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