Winning the lottery.

What would it be like to win the lottery?  The thought of never working again.  The freedom of living life the way it should be lived.  Perhaps, living the lifestyle of the rich and the famous.  A life where you are King, and the world acts as your servant.  Willing to do anything, and everything for a tiny piece of what is yours. Or, for the mere chance of saying that they know you.  One’s chances of winning the lottery are slim to none.  However, the noble thing to say is that the success of a person shouldn’t be judged by the amount of money in their pocket.

On the other side, there are people who are determined to make it on their own merits.  They use the talent that God, or some higher power, gave them and they run with it.  Some people are talented in the realm of sports, others in music, some in dance and the performing arts.  It must feel good to be a normal person one day, to a successful actor/actress another day.  Many of these talented people command very serious and very heavy salaries.  These people make more in one year than a person would make in twenty lifetimes.  Salaries that pay for things that us “normal” people view as extravagant.  Lamborghini’s, Bentley’s, that really big mansion in Malibu.  Decisions..decisions.

So what happens when a person does make it as a successful movie star, musician, sports star, or a writer and what happens when that person has children?  Is it safe to say that the children would get an easy path to fame and fortune?  In essence, aren’t they the true lottery winners?  Winners that didn’t have to pay a dollar for a chance.

Charlie Sheen, Michael Douglas and Will Smith’s son Jaden Smith have all made it without paying their share of dues.  They say that it is hard to make it in Hollywood, “You’re too ethnic looking”, “You’re too short”, “You have a receding hair-line”, “You’re teeth are not white enough”, “You need to lose weight” but these people have parts handed to them based on who their parent are.  I mean, sure, they need talent.  But, how many talented people have been passed up because they weren’t good-looking enough?

Take for instance Gene Simmons.  One can argue that Gene is one really ugly-looking mofo, but he made it in music.  One doesn’t have to be good-looking to be in the music industry–well, sort of. Gene Simmons and the other members of KISS made it, and they made it big time.  Gene has two kids, Sophie and Nick.  He has a successful show on A&E, “Gene Simmons Family Jewel’s”.  And, it is clear that his kids have a path of fame and fortune that many of us can only dream of.  They also have the fortunate ability to live an amazing lifestyle.  They live in an amazing house, they drive amazing cars and they do amazing things.  Nick, Gene’s son, has an amazing voice.  Gene is in the industry, and with one phone call can make all his son’s dreams into reality.

I guess it’s fine if they are talented, but for now I’m not giving up on buying lottery tickets.