Jessica Biel

Living in Southern California is great.  It is great for the weather, and it is also great for bumping into celebrities.  A couple of weeks ago, while shopping at Target, I bumped into Mila Kunis.  I literally bumped into her as she was walking out of the shoe aisle.  I immediately did a double take, and I quickly dismissed the event.  However, it was bothering me.  I had to see her again.  After passing by, again, it was her.  Wow! She isn’t really that hot in person, but she is awesome for shopping at Target.  Another celebrity I saw while at Target was Frankie Muniz.  Everyone knows Frankie from the Fox show “Malcolm in the Middle”.  I wasn’t that impressed, after-all he is a dude.  However, I had the great opportunity of working on a movie set.  I was cast as an extra in an upcoming Reese Witherspoon movie.  She was cool.  I also played a street performer in the Showtime original, “Californication”, starring David Duchovony.

Another celebrity that I bumped into was John Salley.  He was riding his bicycle with his daughter at Balboa Park, in Encino.  I never really liked the guy, but it’s cool to say that he was 5 feet from me.  I saw him sending out a text from his iPhone.

I make it a point to make the most out of living in Los Angeles County by checking out the sites.  I have been to Malibu, Long Beach, Orange County, Ventura, Huntington Beach, Venice, Brentwood, Beverly Hills.  My favorite place in Southern California is Santa Monica.  I absolutely love walking on Ocean Avenue in Santa Monica.  The people are so friendly, and the women are very hot.

Three weeks ago, while walking on Ocean Ave I saw Jessica Biel jogging.  I was turning on to Montana Avenue, and there she was.  It had to be her, but it was weird.  I felt this instant connection with her.  I didn’t follow her, nor did I say hi.  I went on my way, and she went on hers.

The next week I went back, and there she was again!  What are the chances of two total strangers being at the same place, at the same time and to repeat this two weeks in a row?  She looked so damn good to, by the way.

So, what do you think I did this weekend?  The answer is that I went to Santa Monica.  I arrived later than usual.  Usually, I am in Santa Monica by 10:30 a.m.  Today, I arrived at 1 p.m.  I brought along my pair of inline skates.  I skated along the bike trail.  It was fine, but I was a bit bummed out.  All that I could think about was Jessica, but what good would that do.  We are two completely different people.

I was completely exhausted and making my way back to my car.  There she was.  She was unfolding a blanket on the grass.  Could my mind be playing tricks on me?  What was even more amazing is that when I looked in her direction she smiled at me.

And, so it started.  My mind was racing.

I recently wiped off the cobwebs off a movie script that I wrote thirteen years ago.  The title of the script is “Orlando & Elle”.  The story is about an ordinary guy (Orlando Remington) who gets discovered by a famous movie director (Steven Spielberg), and moves in with a famous supermodel (Elle MacPherson).  The plot is pretty outrageous, and that is the main reason I chose to sit on it for all those years.  I decided to publish it on the web, and have received positive feedback.  I have decided to make an attempt at selling it to a production company.

What if Jessica turned out to be my real life Elle?  I know…it’s crazy to think that I could have a shot with her.  But, would I really want to?

She makes millions–I don’t.  She drives a fancy car–I don’t.  She has an expensive house in Brentwood–I don’t.  She dated Justin Timberlake–I’m not!  It is nice to dream, though.