“One is the loneliest number that you’ll ever do
Two can be as bad as one
It’s the loneliest number since the number one”
Even though this was a popular song performed by Three Dog Night, it doesn’t take away from the truth that is buried in this statement.
As a single guy, I often wonder what it’s like to be in a long relationship.  Sure, I have been in relationship’s.  But, I have a short tolerance for people who try to manipulate.  I have a friend who met this girl.  I was so jealous, because she was really beautiful.  Actually, what guy wouldn’t be.  My friends cool.  He has the ability to chat it up, so he deserves a good-looking woman.  The first three months of the relationship went along smoothly.  They took turns paying for dinner, or movies.  They used to take turns staying at each others house’s.  They even passed up working overtime so they can spend more time with each other.
It was like the two of them were one, which isn’t so lonely.
However, by the middle of the third month, the relationship went south.  She stopped “glamming” up for him, and he would wear the same pair of jeans for weeks.  She would expect him to pay for everything, even though she worked 15 hours overtime every week.  What was once a 7 day a week sex life, morphed into a once a month (if lucky) sex life.  The awkward silence grew more and more.  It got to the point that my friend was lonely.  If he was lonely, then she would have been too.
Two is the loneliest number?  Actually, it is one.
The problem that my friend experienced is all to common.  We tend to get caught up.  It’s not all that bad.  Some people decide to be in the same committed relationship for 40-50 years.  They decide to just “deal”.  It either takes a very strong person, or a very weak person to be in a lasting relationship.
I have another friend (female) who has been married for 38 years.  Her husband has a very good job, but he works 700 miles away.  he lives in a house that his company provided for him.  His wife chose to stay at home, and not travel with him.  She hasn’t worked for over 30 years, due to a back problem.  He choses to have a girlfriend who he spends 5 days a week with.  In this case, One is the loneliest number.
Why do people decide to enter a relationship of convenience?  Maybe she is afraid of losing her only source of income.  I mean, he makes over 200 grand a year.  She drives a very nice car, and lives in a beautiful house.  Perhaps, the meaning of life to her is just that.
Well, I’m happy.  I have my “fortress of solitude” to look forward to, and no one to blame but myself.  Life is fun, isn’t it?