Fuck You!

Fuck you and that motherfucking horse you rode in on.  Too bad you didn’t take the time to learn how to ride the horse.  You should have got some lessons from John motherfucking Wayne.  John Wayne was a Conservative, but he was the good kind.  If he didn’t know what the fuck he was talking about he would do the fucking world a favor and SHUT UP.  And, if someone said something stupid he would donkey punch you in the fucking throat—pilgrim.

Fuck yourself with your stupid political ideology.  If you were so fucking smart your ass would be teaching at Harvard, Brown, Yale or Princeton, but you’re not smart.  You’re a fucking moron, and you feel the need to make fun of someone because they are smarter than you.  Do me a fucking favor, read a fucking book, a magazine, or a motherfucking newspaper.  You hear that Sarah motherfucking Palin????  Oh, Speaking of Palin, stop using so many fucking vowels.  You’re a Moose fucking redneck and not Vanna White.  You can go fuck yourself with your “I’m taxed too much”, or “Government is the problem” bullshit.  You don’t like it, get the fuck out.  Oh, let a motherfucking Mexican in.  Mexicans don’t give a flying fucking shit about the whole big Government vs. small Government argument.  While your motherfucking ass is trying to decide which shade of fuchsia to paint the motherfucking den in your piece of shit trailer, a Mexican has picked 27 rows of strawberries, mowed your fucking lawn, scrubbed your fucking toilet and had enough time to take a fucking one hour shit.  All of this for six dollars an hour, and don’t tell me they’re fucking stealing jobs from Americans.

You fucking assholes are doing a fine motherfucking job of it yourselves. “Oh, I’m not working at McDonalds.  I want to be the C.E.O. instead” Fuck you and your G.E.D. having ass.  I’m probably giving you too much fucking credit.  You probably don’t have a G.E.D. because school interferes with your fucking partying.  Hey you fucking dumbass, you have all the time in the world to party—try graduating from High School or Motherfucking College first.  And, what the fuck is up with your parents?  Do they fucking hate you so much that they will let you do whatever the fuck you want?  Oh, don’t worry though.  I’m sure if your stupid drunk ass goes out and kills someone you’ll have your fucking douche bag of so-called parents stand there and defend you.  Better yet, your parent can be one of those fucking dipshits that preach abstinence only to have you lay on your back for the whole football team, and when you fucking get knocked up you’ll have to go to the motherfucking Maury Povich show to find out who the fucking “baby daddy” is.

Oh no you didn’t! Oh yes I motherfucking did!

Fuck you, fuck you, and fuck you.  Fuck you George Bush for your stupid unpaid tax cut, and your two stupid fucking wars.  You’re almost as bad as that fucking Howdy-Dowdy looking dipshit Ronald Reagan.  Yeah, I said it.  Howdy-Dowdy looking dipshit Ronald Reagan with his motherfucking trickledown economics.  How did that work out for us, you dead blowjob? You wanna know what my idea of the trickledown theory is???  How about if I get to drink all the water on Earth and trickle my piss down your fucking throat??  How the fuck is someone supposed to prosper by drinking piss.  Especially piss that came from a bitter, angry black-ass motherfucker??

Fuck you, fuck you, and fuck you

For thinking that Jesus came from a fucking virgin named Mary, but not believing in evolution.  Of course you don’t believe in evolution—YOU NEVER FUCKING EVOLVED!! You fucking chimp–chump.  I wish I could keep going, but I’m all fucked out.  It’s your entire fucking fault Obama!! Grow a set of motherfucking balls, or move over for someone who has one.


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