My friend Pablo

Seven months in Los Angeles, and I finally have a friend.  His name is Pablo, and Pablo has been married five times.  I asked him what happened to his first marriage.  He told me that she cheated on him.  I then asked him what happened with his second marriage, and he, again, told me that she cheated.  The third?  She cheated.  I’m going out on a limb Pablo and say that your fourth wife cheated on you as well.  Pablo said yes.  Alright Pablo, what makes you think that your fifth wife won’t cheat on you?  He turned to me and said, “There is no way my fifth wife will ever cheat on me.  She doesn’t have time to do that.  She works from five in the morning until ten at night, and she works seven days a week.  Poor girl, she works all those hours and only manages to take home three hundred dollars a week.” *Facepalm*