Mismatched Variables of the Known Unknowns

It is a known fact that we were all put here on this great Earth to find a suitable person to mate with.  This is an aspect that is not unique to humans.  It is shared with animals, but then again humans are animals.  One of the unknowns stems from the fact that we never know when love is going to strike.  Furthermore, we never know with whom we will “hook up” with.  There are certain people in this World that do not discriminate with the image of the perfect mate.  They are willing to meet with a fat girl, skinny girl, unattractive girl–this is a known.  On the contrary, some people choose to hold out for a perfect 10, and they can do it because they are attractive as well–known.  What would happen if your average–ordinary guy has a chance to “hook up” with a celebrity.  I guess this can be an unknown, but this is also where the mismatched variable comes into play.  If a guy had this amazing chance to go on a date with a celebrity what would he be thinking?  Would he feel inadequate– due to the disproportionate income that exists or would he be excited that his meal ticket finally arrived?  Would he feel uncomfortable driving his new girlfriend in his beat up car, or would the girl be so turned off that she would not give him another chance?  These are the amazing mis-matched variables that life throws at us sometimes.

I’m no more or no less different from many.  I have a clear-cut direction of where I want my life to be, and I will need more time to get there.  The mis-matched variable   comes into play at what I decide to make of certain opportunities that come my way.  We are all coded with a flight or fight response when we are stimulated.  Why is it that it is so easy to approach one person, but harder to approach another person?  What if that other person wanted you to approach, but you chose not to because you were too busy thinking about the mis-matched variables.  She is too good-looking for me.  She drives a better car than me.  She dresses too nice.  She is high-maintenance, and my favorite–she is probably married.  All too often these have been the known unknowns which have been spun into truth by certain mis-matched variables.

I’m a fervent believer that if we ever want to grow as a species and to get what we want out of life we need to breakdown the walls of the mismatched variables of the known unknowns.  Does this make sense now?