Jimi Hendrix

Of all the musical artists that have both come and gone; no one has ever had more of a profound effect on me than Jimi Hendrix.  He was truly an artist that was way ahead of his time.  He was a poet, a master lyricist and an innovative guitarist, but he was more than that to me.  While others see a flashy artist; I see the shy guy.  I often choke up at seeing some of his performances.  Without a doubt, one of his greatest performances was when he made his début in front of an American audience at the Monterey Pop Festival in 1967.  His rendition of “Killing Floor” will forever go down in history as one of his greatest songs.  However, who would have imagined that three years later he would be found dead.  On September 18, 1970 the world lost a great guitarist.  This isn’t just my opinion, but the opinion of so many of his peers in the music industry.

I often wonder what the world would look like if Jimi Hendrix was still alive.  Would he be as famous as he is now?  Would he be a representative symbol of the decadent sixties, or would he fall to the waste-side like so many other aged and talented musicians.  These are the things I think about often, and the thoughts grow deeper twice a year.  Once on the anniversary of his death, and the other on the anniversary of his birth.  Today, Jimi Hendrix would have turned 68 years old.  What would he look like?  Would he still have all of his hair?  Would he have changed the landscape of music as we know it today?

These are questions that will never be answered, but I can tell you that Jimi Hendrix is not dead.  He is forever that 27 year old, young and vibrant personality, that can make his guitar sing.

Thank you Jimi for making my life so much better.  Although you are not on this Earth anymore I can’t wait to see you when it’s my time.  I just hope you still have the ‘fro…bro.

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