Big cry baby — Keith Olbermann is at it again

I have made my feelings, regarding Keith Olbermann, well-known.   Keith is a flaming narcissist that loves and craves attention — scratch that –Keith Olbermann is a flaming narcissist that only craves positive attention.  Ever since Keith Olbermann took to the Twitter universe on April 7, 2010 he has used it as an opportunity to communicate with his sycophants while blocking his adversaries.  Let’s face it, he has a lot of adversaries.  One such adversary is his own boss, Phil Griffin.  However, that will be a story for some other day.

The story of the day is how Keith Olbermann came to the decision to suspend his Twitter updates.  A decision partly due to comments that Michael Moore made on his show that aired on December 15, 2010.  The two were discussing the controversial Wikileaks founder, Julian Assange, and the alleged rape accusation made by a woman against Assange.  Michael Moore dismissed the alleged rape as “hooey“.  The comments didn’t stop there.  Michael Moore went further by saying that Julian Assange is only guilty of having his condom break during an act of consensual sex.

The controversy could have been left squarely on Michael Moore’s (really, really fat) shoulders, but Keith decided to be a part of it.  He re-tweeted a tweet regarding the incident in which the alleged rape victims name was included.  This led to a fury of angry tweets directed squarely on Olbermann and, as usual, he couldn’t take it.

He has decided to not tweet, and this is supposed to be a bad thing?  Maybe — just maybe — his reasoning behind this is to have his admirers flood his replies with tweets of love — tweets that feed the narcissist with all the positive attention that he so desperately wants and craves.  Just like all the attention he received the last month with that publicity stunt suspension.

On a side note; he might have suspended his tweets, but I wonder if he suspended his direct messages?  A little birdie told me that the flaming narcissist likes to engage in cyber sex with his young and taut female followers.  However, in the age of the internet one must be very careful.  The person whom you think is a female just might be a troll, living under the bridge, and taking screen shots. 😉