If you donate to charity…you’re an idiot.

What have we accomplished, as a society, over the past fifty years?

For starters, we created vehicles to send men to space and back. In just under a decades time, we sent men to the moon and back–then we stopped going to the moon. We focused our efforts orbiting the earth–instead of greatly expanding the monumental achievement we embarked upon. However, the space program isn’t a total bust. We, along with several other Countries, have an amazing International Space Station. This complex is used to conduct both simple and complex scientific experiments that are detrimental to humanity.

In the late seventies man created the reusable launch vehicle known as the Space Shuttle. A lot of people are unaware that the Space Shuttle computers perform over three billion calculations a second. This is the main reason it takes well over three hundred people to launch each vehicle. Sadly, the computers (as amazing as they are) are antiquated. Thus, the fleet of Shuttle’s will be retired–with no replacement vehicles in site. The United States of America is going to have to rely on the Russians to take our men and women up to space. This is sad.

We are supposed to be the greatest nation in the World. We are a nation that is looked upon by so many less-fortunate people in the World as a “place of opportunity”. Many of these people dream of arriving here and making it. It is not important if they become one of the 1% super rich. They already feel like a success just by living here.

However, what is the message that is being conveyed by our own Government?

In my lifetime, I have seen the invention of the television remote control, cars that cost more than a home, the rapid growth of inexpensive fast food and seventy-five percent of the population living as either fat or obese. I have seen people stricken with several forms of cancer, diabetes and birth defects that can not or will not be explained, and then there is the virus known as A.I.D.S. for which all of these there is no cure.

But we found the sunken Titanic in the frigid deeps of the Atlantic Ocean.

It’s not the lack of resources to blame for not finding a cure. A.I.D.S. and cancer research charities have received billions of dollars…yet, we have no cure. It is worth noting, however, that A.I.D.S. is no longer a death sentence… but we still have no cure.

Moreover, what if scientists did find a cure? What would be the set price for an A.I.D.S. vaccine? How about a breast cancer vaccine or a colon cancer vaccine?

Last year, this nation underwent one of the heaviest debates over healthcare. Some felt healthcare was a right while others felt it was a privilege. In my opinion, it was one of the most idiotic debates…but I digress.

If we, as a society, squabbled over something that is so minor as being able to get affordable healthcare then how would we function trying to figure out who gets the cure–or–who is able to afford to get the cure. I guess that will stir up the whole “death panel” rigmarole–all over again. With that said, if we did have a cure then what would happen to all the charitable organizations? I mean, they won’t be self-sustaining anymore since the job of finding a cure has been terminated. That would mean that thousands of people would be looking for another job or another cause.

It is my contention that as humans one of our strongest traits is curiosity.

Make no mistake about it that we are all curious, and as much as it can be our major strength–it can also serve as a weakness…but we found the sunken Titanic in the frigid deeps of the Atlantic Ocean.