This or that?

People amuse me.

A cute little white chick is walking down the street and witnesses a young black male walking towards her. What is the chick to do? Is she to reach in her pocket for her phone? Is she to pretend she is texting someone? Perhaps, she is texting a friend that an angry black dude is heading her way. What is she to do? Maybe, she decides to cross the street.
If I were in her shoes I would cross the street too, because pretending to be on the phone isn’t going to stop a person who has the intent to inflict bodily harm on someone–especially a cute chick. And speaking as a black person who has been told–on several occasions–that I appear to be menacing it is only common sense to cross the street. However, if he follows you across the street he is either
A) really pissed off at your racist ass
B) wants a piece of your ass.

Look, we live in a really messed up world. It isn’t safe for our children–or adults for that matter. The children today are up against monumental hurdles, and there isn’t enough safety barriers in the world to guard against them. Truthfully, criminals adapt new strategies to get what they want…life’s a bitch.

With that said, is that the worst possible scenario?

We all know that the white chick crossed the street when she viewed a potential threat, but how would she act if she witnessed a group of people littering? How would she act if she witnessed someone discarding a lit cigarette into dry brush? The act of littering might seem insignificant to some, but what would our country look like if the 300,000,000+ people were all doing it? And we all know what fire can do to people, communities and wildlife.

But, is that a worst case scenario?

What if you were on a city bus and witnessed a man get up–off his seat–and beat an autistic man into senseless pain. What would you do? What would you be thinking about with every fist pump to the face, chest and gut? Would you get up to defend the autistic man from the fists of the thug? Would you whip out your cell phone camera in hopes of selling your video to TMZ, or would you choose to ignore it? Just let the guy get his ass beat. Before you answer the question; here is another question. What if that autistic man was your brother, uncle or father?

How about this. You’re eating a Big Mac, fries and drinking a Diet Coke at the McDonald’s dining room and two teenage girls beat the shit out of a trans-gendered boy. And this happens right in front of your eyes. What would you do? The same choices apply.

The last two stories that I cleverly tried to articulate are not scenarios. In fact, they were actual events. They were events that happened right here in California. The first event (involving the senseless beating of an autistic man) had the passengers and the bus driver doing nothing to help the man. They just sat there and watched. The second event, at McDonald’s, involved by-standers filming the beating with their cellphone cameras laughing at the trans-gendered male while he lay on the floor crying and going into convulsions from the serious beating. However, a couple of managers tried to hold back the girls. They didn’t try hard enough, and that makes this angry black-menacing dude sad.

As a society; have we lost all common shred of decency?

In boot-camp we were told–over and over and over–that you’re only as strong as your weakest link. In other words; if one person messes up than we all have to pay.

One more scenario; You’re 35,000 feet in the air on a fully loaded 757 when it gets hijacked by 4 terrorists that are held up in the cockpit. What would you do?


2 thoughts on “This or that?

  1. love the honesty of this piece. I myself have made this mistake more than once sadly.The price we pay for feeling love is almost unbearable at times. I realize that i need to look within and become self actualized and then maybe i will start from a place of self acceptance and love. Maybe then but if not I hope to have good friends like you in my life, after all life is what we make it and friends sadly last longer than lovers.

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