There is a flaw in your logic

I’m not one to jump up and down everyday grateful to be alive. I’m not one to wake-up in the morning grateful to be healthy. I have to go to work, and I don’t like having to go to work. I have a hard enough time dealing with morons. I would rather spend my time surfing…but I digress.
Sure, I’ve had several near death experiences, but it hasn’t changed my outlook on life. I’m one to believe that’s the stuff only written for the movies.
However, I am grateful for one fact; we share life on Earth with millions and millions of other species. As a surfer, I find the beauty in witnessing pods of dolphins swimming within thirty feet of me. I see the beauty in a stray leopard seal curiously inching towards me. I see the beauty in whales on the hunt for food, and I also can find the beauty in a shark breaching out of the water with a seal in his mouth. I feel bad for the seal, but that is the natural progression of life. So, what is life? More importantly–what is the meaning of life?
The common thread of existence when it comes to life is that there is an opposite sex, and it is usual that the female species has the capability to reproduce. This cannot be just a fluke, or can it?
It is easy to be taken in by nature, but it can also be frustrating to deal with people who just don’t get it.
Both the Earth and the Sun are over 4.5 billion years old. Some choose to believe that God created man, while others believe that we have evolved from single cell microbes to the people that we are today. Some species on Earth are hundreds of millions of years old. The Great White Shark is a little over 150 million years old. According to marine biologists it is one of the smartest and most complicated animals on Earth. A lot isn’t known, but what is known blows the human mind. The Sharks existence is largely due to evolution. However, some people choose not to believe in evolution. They also believe that the Earth is only 5,000 or so years old and dinosaurs either never existed or that they roamed the Earth with man. Homo Sapiens have been on the Earth for over 200,000 years, but we reached a certain level of behavioral maturity 50,000 years ago. That means man had 150,000 years of evolving into what we are today.
I had a conversation with a male the other day. He considers himself a Christian. He is pro-life, and he doesn’t believe in evolution. He also believes that life begins at conception.

So, here is the flaw in your logic…

In order to create life two elements need to exist. First, there has to be sperm. Second, there has to be an embryo. The word sperm derives from the Greek work “sperma” which means seed. The word embryo also derives from Greek meaning “to swell, be full”. When it comes to pregnancy there are two known truths. It is very easy to become pregnant, and it is very hard to become pregnant. All it takes is for one sperm cell to germinate with the embryo for a woman to become pregnant–than eight weeks later (after germination) that sophisticated act of cell division turns into a fetus. We all know that nine months later the baby pops out all crying, and 13 years later that baby ends up hating your ass. I’ll save that story for another post, but the whole point is that one should not go around claiming to believe that life begins at conception when they dismiss evolution. The process of evolution is all around us, and the proof is right in front of our eyes. Believing in evolution doesn’t mean that one cannot believe in God, and that is the flaw in your logic.