Class Warfare? Class Warfare??????

I’m sick and fucking tired of these assholes going on and on about class warfare. The President of The United States, Barack Obama, is waging class warfare. Are you really fucking serious???? Trying to tax the rich a fair percentage is class warfare??? Have these people been living under a rock for the past 80 years???!!!! Class warfare is being waged every second of every minute of every hour of every day of the week in America. Don’t believe me?

Car companies have waged class warfare on people since their existence. Is there an outcry over this? Of course not. You mean to tell me that a person driving around in a $95,000 BMW 750 feels equal to a person driving in a $38,000 BMW 328? More importantly, do you think that a person who drives around a BMW 750 would be caught driving a BMW 328? Of course not. The 3 series are for the lower class of society. Mercedes is guilty of the same kind of class warfare. The C line is considered by the SL owners as “the poor mans Mercedes”. The same examples can translate into motorcycles, too. Harley Davidson has reached the pinnacle of all motorcycles, but not that many can afford it. However, the most affordable Harley is the Sportster. Do you think that Fatboy owners look at Sportster owners the same way? I don’t.

Have you ever gone apartment shopping? We all have, and we all have a certain area that we would love to live in. It is pretty safe to assume that we would all love to live by the beach. Houses that are within walking distance to the water, here in California, run $5,000-$25,000 a month. Why is that? You mean to tell me that is not an example of class warfare–pricing houses that are out of the reach of most minority groups?

Speaking of minorities, you don’t think that the biggest–most blatant–kind of class warfare is that they are not afforded the same opportunity to succeed in America? Why is it that I live in an America where the only rich blacks I see are either athletes, rappers or drug dealers. I can’t tell you the last time I ever saw a black C.E.O. of a Fortune 500 company. That is not class warfare???

Why is it that apartment buildings run credit checks as part of the rental approval process? Do they know that 57% of Blacks and Hispanics have poor credit scores? Of course they do. Have you ever seen a clean ghetto? How do the affluent neighborhoods look? Have you ever wondered why local Government authorities neglect cleaning the ghetto neighborhoods while doubling down on the affluent neighborhood?

We live in such a dysfunctional Country that, in my opinion, things will never change. People will continue to be stupid, and the average wage of Americans will get smaller and smaller. There will come a time when ALL Americans will realize that they are being squeezed like lemons–lemons to be used in the rich mans iced tea.

Are we to say “Thank You”? Fuck no!