Just trying to fit in

People will do anything to fit in, huh? Back in high school it was common to see people smoke cigarettes. It was common to see all the “cool kids” wear ripped jeans, jean jackets and to see the girls wear their hair spiked up with tons of hairspray.

I can dig it.

It was common to attend the school dance and to see the students dressed similarly. It was also common for the students to consume alcohol before or after the event. In some instances, alcohol was consumed before and after the event.
I can dig it
I recall a time when my English teacher, Charles Lawton, told the class that our assignment was to read Shakespeare’s “Macbeth”. I also recall the students in the class booing in unison.
I can dig it.

At the end of the school year, my senior year–in that same class–Mr. Lawton went around the class to ask us if we are attending college and where. One by one the students rattled off the name of some fancy college. I knew that my turn was coming soon, and I was embarrassed to tell the class and my teacher that I was going to the local community college. So, when it was my turn I told him that I was attending The Community College of Rhode Island. I tried not to look at some of my fellow students. I didn’t want to see them laugh, but some did. It was to my surprise that when I started college in September half of the students in my former class were attending the community college.

I often wonder if what people say is what they really mean. Take for instance the republicans in the presidential race. Of all the candidates, Mitt Romney looks presidential. He has been consistent in the polls. However, he has flip-flopped on every single issue that is important to the members of the republican party. In the past, he had moderate positions. But what do you expect from a former Governor of a heavily blue state? He says he believes in climate change, than when it’s not convenient for him to believe in it he comes out with a statement against the science.

Just trying to fit in?

The president isn’t off the hook, either. He was against the war in Iraq, but when he was elected he didn’t end the war. He said he was going to close down the base in Guantanamo Bay, but he hasn’t. He ran on a fairly liberal agenda, and had enthusiastic support of the base. Just trying to fit in?

On the weekends, I love to surf! I have a few surfboards in my quiver. I’m far from a pro or anything. As I walk down the beach I notice a pattern. Surfers usually wear black wet suits and they often surf on Channel Islands surfboards. I have a Channel Islands surfboard. Just trying to fit in?

I can dig it.

On the flip-side I wonder what Superman, Batman or Spider-man try to do to fit in. The simple answer is that they don’t–or do they?

Superman assumes the identity of Clark Kent. Batman is the billionaire Bruce Wayne. Spiderman is the mild-mannered Peter Parker. These three have amazing super-powers and they all decide to just try to fit in. I guess that we shouldn’t be in such a rush to judge a book by it’s cover.