$$ Sex and Evil Inc. $$

In this Country, sexual harassment claims should be taken seriously. However, for every one real claim there are dozens of false claims. It is my assumption that people will do anything to escape personal responsibility. It is fact that money is the root of all evil, and behind the face of evil lurks a person to make the most money.

A woman works at a real estate office. Her working hours are 9-5, Monday through Friday. She receives 10 paid holidays a year, healthcare benefits and a modest annual performance bonus. However, she arrives 5 minutes late to work on a regular daily basis. She either calls in sick the day after a holiday or takes a vacation day. She constantly makes excuses to leave early. She always asks others for help with her assignments. However, she thinks she is the model employee. She is viewed by her peers as a slacker. She is viewed by others as a person to stay away from–guilty by association scenario. This employee is a poster-child for termination. Sadly, she continues to be employed. She consistently complains about how she is under-paid–not realizing at all that she is a complete slacker. This is not some far-off scenario. This person exists in every single company in America. Her employer knows her dirty little secret of making false sexual harassment claims in the past–past claims that yielded thousands of dollars. Her bosses have had all that they can take, and eventually she gets fired. She is outraged, and she seeks revenge. She has her choices narrowed down to either filing a sexual harassment lawsuit, filing a disability claim, or a workers compensation claim. She knows that the sexual harassment route is more lucrative. She goes for it.

Did you know that thousands of women get harassed in the workplace, and they are afraid to come forward because they will be compared to the “slacker” aforementioned.

Did you know that the men (usually) that harass women in the workplace know this, and they will keep continuing to repeat their malicious behavior. If charges are brought on them they can just label the woman as an opportunistic gold-digger, and move on. It’s the classic he-said/she-said argument, and behind the face of evil lurks the person with the most money.

The term “molestation” doesn’t do any justice to represent the horrid act. When a person comes out and claims they’ve been molested people know what that means, but do they know what it entails? I think that most people have become desensitized to the word. I can imagine that when a person comes out with a claim of molestation–the person hearing that claim has a mental image of fondling, inappropriate touching, kissing and other stuff. However, what if that person who made a claim of molestation was your own child? Would you assume the same, or would you ask more questions? What if you had to read the detailed account on official court documents of the sexual molestation.

Just a hypothetical
How would you act, or rather what would you do if in the official court documents it was written that, “…the 55-year-old alleged suspect inserted his fully erect 8 inch penis into the 10-year-old victims anus for a period described by the victim as forever. This event occurred in a college football locker room. The victim was relieved when the act was interrupted by another adult,…” Pretty graphic isn’t it? It’s not a case of innocent fondling, kissing or touching. It’s not as innocent as offering a kid some candy. This is an adult sticking his penis in a small youth. That small youth could be your child. The abuser can be a powerful person with prominence. What if that person who abused the boy–your boy–was someone you looked up to every Saturday afternoon on the college football field? What if the person who saw the act was also a person you looked up to every Saturday afternoon on the college field. What if this person told his boss–who is another person you look up to every Saturday afternoon on the college football field? What if that super-duper-duper awesome person reported the act to his superiors and just stopped? What if this brutal act was to go unreported to the authorities for 10 years? The brutal rape of your son goes unreported for 10 years, and no one cares. Your son is forced to keep this secret. He doesn’t trust adults. Can you blame him? However, when it does come out and it is revealed that at least two people that you looked up to every Saturday afternoon on the college football field knew about the violent anal rape of your young child would that be enough to change your view on this person? How many others are there? Honestly, how many other young boys were subjected to a fully erect 8 inch penis into their anus? Is that something that you would want for your child? Is this something acceptable for our society; to turn a blind eye to such a horrific act in an effort to protect the invested interest in a mega-institution? If this was your child would you defend the super-duper-duper awesome person? Oh, by the way, this super-duper-duper awesome person is the face of the mega-institution.

Now that this horrific event has come to light people can go on with their candlelight vigils, prayers and moments of silence to the victims. Just remember: money is the root of all evil, and behind the face of evil lurks a person to make the most money