Hail Mary Full of Grace

I almost have to laugh at all the political talking heads on television that don’t have a clue. The president has just thrown the longest Hail Mary pass regarding this whole fight regarding birth control and the Catholic Church. The talking heads believe that this was a miscalculation on the part of the president. They are wrong. This was an intentional act. He deliberately threw the football to the other team, but they are running the wrong way with the ball. And, if the republicans are not careful they will score a re-election goal for Mr. Obama.

One of the biggest problems President Obama had (and still has) is explaining The Affordable Healthcare Act (ObamaCare). The republicans are running around saying that that will be the first thing they would repeal when elected. President Obama is letting them get away with it, because the longer they use that rhetoric the longer the rope hangs on their necks. All that Americans know is that there is a mandate for coverage. However, they don’t know what’s in the bill. President Obama just told the white working-class women independents what is in it. This will be the first time in history in which they don’t have to pay for birth control. This will be the first time that the employer will be responsible.

So, why come out with this with the Catholic Church attached? The answer is simple….”It’s the economy stupid.” Don’t you think that advisers close to the president knew that the religious right would jump on this and run? Of course they did, and so did the president. Shift the discussion from the anchor of the sluggish economy around President Obama’s neck and make this about the fundamental right of a woman. How many families of 17 kids do you know of? In my time, it was common to see women having three children before they turned thirty. However, with women entering roles of higher prominence in the workplace there has been a focus shift–couple that with the high divorce rate and the volatility in employment–people just chose to wait to have kids. So, what does this mean? It means that over 90% of women are on some form of birth control, and it can cost as much as $600 a year. Also, a woman on birth control will translate to fewer abortions.

As this debate unfolds. As the republican candidates try to make this an “Obama war on religion” women are saying one thing, “You mean I don’t have to pay for birth control under Obamacare?” Now with the compromise that was reached with the Catholic Church making insurance companies pay for birth control proves that this was a calculated campaign strategy that will translate to a win for Mr. Obama. What year are we in anyway?


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