What to do when you get old? Cry!

The toughest part about life is that we age with every day that goes by. We seem to not realize this fact. But the days soon turn to years, and it can be a bitch. I’ll turn forty years old in a few weeks. Forty isn’t considered to be that old. However, if you’re one without children or a significant other it can be quite depressing. As we age we tend to reflect back on our years.
The human brain is the most fascinating thing in the Universe. It has this remarkable ability to substitute really bad memories for really good ones–or Vice Versa. I often reflect back on my childhood, and it always brings a smile on my face. However, people who were around with me at that time remind me how I hated being a teen. Sometimes, they point out instances in my life that I expressed extreme emotional behavior and irrational thinking. They also point out that when I was younger I would often say, “When I get old I’ll never be one of these old bitches wishing to be my age!!! I want to be older!! I’m sick of being young!!” Yeah, I used to say that. I’m also reminded how much of a risk taker I used to be. When I was sixteen years old I wouldn’t think twice about running a red light. I wouldn’t think twice about lying to get laid, but as I get older things change. I don’t go out of my way to make people like me. I don’t chase after my dreams like I once used to. I’m just simply stuck in the “rat race” of life and all the cheese that comes with it.

Do I have any regrets? Of course I do.

If I had to do it all over again, would I? Absolutely!

The hardest part of getting older is the uncertainty. We tend to reflect more because that is what we know. That is the part of life that has already been lived. When present times are tough we tend to cling to the good memories of the past. When times, in the present, are good we tend to remind ourselves of all the bad memories of the past. Like I said, the human brain is a very powerful thing.

The only advice that I can give to people about the uncertainty of the future is to develop a set of goals and objectives to where you want to go in life. I often say that we live our lives the way we did in High School. If you were the one who waited until the last-minute to do your homework, then you’re probably the one who wits until the last second to pay the credit card bill. If you were the one who didn’t care about taking the time to do homework, then you’re probably the one who doesn’t care about paying for the credit card that you maxed the fuck out. However, if you were the person who spent the four years in High School mapping out a way to get into college, then you’re probably reading this from your penthouse at Trump Tower saying to your spouse, “Look honey, this guy is delusional”