Mitt Romney Is A Loser

After a highly volatile republican primary, for President of The United States, Willard Mitt Romney is on his way to be the presumptive nominee for the republican party. However, does he have a chance to win the race? According to most polls the answer is no, but the election is still months away.

It is of no surprise that many republicans are not satisfied with Willard. It is of even more surprise that the establishment members of the party are not satisfied with Willard, but they are endorsing him. However, some would argue that endorsements don’t matter.

On the other hand, we have President Obama. The enthusiasm of his supporters has slipped, but his poll numbers are rising.

So, why do I believe that Willard Mitt Romney won’t get elected? The best way to answer the question is by asking why President Obama will get elected.

We have all seen the heavy opposition that President Obama has faced and is still facing over the past four years. He has faced fierce opposition from the right-wing, as well as the staunch left-wing. According to Franklin Delano Roosevelt, that means he is governing down the center. Republicans will disagree because they don’t know where the center is. They are too busy watching FOX News, and that is why Mitt Romney will not get elected.

From a basic observation republicans use fear as a tactic. They believe that Obama will take away their guns. They believe that Obama will create a secular society, and they also believe that Obama is a radical Muslim who wasn’t born in The United States. This fear propaganda is not aired on MSNBC. It is also not aired on CNN or the major networks. It is aired on FOX News, though. According to mediabistro FOX News has seen their ratings triple since the election of Barack Obama. They have used their platform to rail against everything Obama is doing, or will fake to do. Bill O’Reilly averages 3.2 million viewers just on his 8 p.m. telecast, and another 1.2 million viewers on his 11 p.m. rerun. Fox News closest competition is MSNBC. Their highest rated show is “The Rachel Maddow Show” with 1.1 million viewers during the 9 p.m. telecast.

What would FOX News ratings be like under a President Romney?

If Romney were to get elected FOX News would have to carry the water for his administration, and if Romney were to be elected–republicans would have a heavy sigh of relief. They wouldn’t feel the need to watch FOX News anymore, because they trust that Romney would carry out the conservative vision of where he wants this Country to be. There will no longer be a radical occupying The White House. FOX News wouldn’t say that Romney would take away people’s guns. FOX News wouldn’t bring up Mitt Romney’s religion. The only people to profit from a Mitt Romney win would be the so-called “liberal media”. A Mitt Romney presidency would face tight scrutiny. He will have the heavy responsibility of keeping the people in this Country safe from another terrorist attack. Make no mistake about it; they will strike again, and the republicans would love to have it happen under a democratic administration. The economy is going to struggle for at least another three years, and that is something that a Mitt Romney presidency can’t fix. I hate to tell you, but the president is not responsible for the economy.

So, I guess we will have President Barack Hussein Obama to kick around for another four years. And that is music to FOX News’ ears.