Making News on Gay Marriage?

We live in a democracy. Living in a democracy means that we traditionally listen to people who are representatives of the two political parties. They both launch arguments, and we get together to vote for the person whose argument closely aligns with our ideology. The United States has two political parties. Sure, we have more than two. However, the media has chosen to only give the two parties a bigger platform in an effort of simplification. The democrats stand for one group of policies, while the republicans stand for another group of policies. In these times, the two political parties are complete opposites. It’s not a bad thing.

The democrats support civil rights, marriage equality, fairness in tax code. The republicans tend to have a platform on national defense, budgets, less taxes and regulation. As of late, the republicans are against gay marriage and immigration. So, if a republican was running for president and said he was in support of gay marriage or amnesty for illegals that would be “making news”.

The Vice-President of The United States, Joe biden, went on NBC’s “Meet The Press” and somehow “made news” for his support for gay marriage. He’s a democrat, and a democrat coming out in support for gay marriage is not “making news”
The Secretary of Education, Arnie Duncan, appeared on MSNBC’s “Morning Joe” and was asked if he supported gay marriage. His answer was a simple one-word yes answer. Again, this was “making news”. The media bases this on the fact that it contradicts President Obama’s stance on gay marriage. President Obama supposedly doesn’t support gay marriage. He has stated that he supports civil unions, but he is “evolving” on gay marriage. The president’s “evolving” stance on gay marriage is a political calculation. I know he supports gay marriage. He knows that he supports gay marriage. Ninety percent of the people who voted for him know that he supports gay marriage. His political calculation is a complete failure. When the president is asked this question and gives the “evolving” answer he is calculating how many votes he will lose in North Carolina, Virginia, Ohio and Florida. It’s the swing state calculation, but it’s a calculation based on stupidity.

I’m a democrat. Not only am I a democrat; I am a flaming liberal. No, I’m not that “flaming” liberal. I’m the flaming liberal that has been disappointed with Obama. That doesn’t mean I’m going to vote for Romney. I am a flaming liberal, and a loyal democrat. As a democrat I am not bothered by social issues. I don’t care if someone is gay. I don’t care if someone wants to legally enter this Country to make a better living for themselves and their family. However, the republicans do. And, this is the flaw in Obama’s calculation.

My biggest disappointment in the Obama Administration is that he didn’t go big enough. I wanted a big stimulus plan. I wanted a robust plan to solve the housing crisis. I wanted a really big jobs bill. I wanted to smell construction on my way to work in the morning, and on my return trip home. I wanted an investment in alternative energy, and I wanted him to tell the republicans to fuck off…but there is no “I” in a democracy. The Government is for the people, by the people. In a democracy it is all about a majority. The majority of people are not like me. The majority of people don’t share my vision, but you know what the majority of people do believe in? They believe in marriage equality, and that is the flaw in Obama’s calculation.

However, is this really a flaw in his calculation? Enter Joe Biden’s appearance on “Meet The Press”. The best way to test out the calculation is to have someone in the administration go all in support of gay marriage, have the media talk about it, have the media poll it and if it polls favorably for the president he will come out in support for gay marriage. That’s a clever strategy, but it’s not a sign of leadership.

Come on big guy, just come out of the closet and say you support gay marriage. It really isn’t a “big fucking deal”.