Do Americans Really Want A Romney Presidency?

Are you better off now, than you were four years ago? In my case, the answer is simple–yes! In fact, I am better off now than at any time in my whole life. I can attribute this to my hard work, patience, deliberate strategy and a bit of good luck. However, I do not attribute my success to the policies of the Obama Administration. When I lost my job four years ago I didn’t run around blaming George Bush for the loss in my job. I blamed the lousy company that I was working for–for the loss of my job. I didn’t spend my time sitting on the couch waiting for a phone call. I decided to sell all my belongings, pack up my car and move cross-country to California. I was betting that I would have a better chance out here than in Rhode Island, and it paid off for me. So, why do we credit or blame the President of The United States for the woes of the economy? Truth be told, The President of The United States is not responsible for the economy. The Federal Reserve is responsible for the economy.

“Are you better off now than you were four years ago” was a question famously asked by former President Ronald Reagan in 1984, during his re-election campaign. He won the election in a major landslide. It was morning in America, again. So many people, in this Country, felt better about the economy. They equated that good feeling with the policies of the Reagan Administration. This is something that continues to go on. In 1976 Jimmy Carter was the president. He was at the helm of a really bad economy–an economy that he inherited from President Ford. I think it’s easy for people to blame The President of The United States for all the bad economic news, because it’s much harder to blame ourselves.

Now, in 2012, people are continuing to say that we are living in a depressed economy. Sure, the national unemployment rate is a bit high. Sure, home prices continue to fall. However, as a Californian I believe that the fundamentals of the economy are strong. California has a 12% unemployment rate, yet I continue to get stuck in daily bumper-to-bumper traffic. I can’t find an empty seat at my favorite breakfast place. There are thousands of people that are willing to pay $5 for a Starbucks coffee. The shopping malls are constantly full. I’m always having to wait in a long line at the grocery store. All this said; we still live in a depressed economy? The stock market has seen a 100% jump–in just four years!

The fundamentals of the economy are strong. Yet, people think that President Obama sucks. They think we need a change. They think Romney will be better. The fact is that the economy is a force unto itself. Most, if not all, economists will tell you that. If President Obama gets re-elected the economy will boom along. If Mitt Romney wins the election the economy will boom along. Once again, The President of The United States is not responsible for the economy. But you know what he is responsible for? He is responsible for our safety and security.

Remember President George W. Bush? Do you remember when, seven months into his presidency, he was busy chopping down trees on his ranch in Crawford, Texas? Do you also remember the Presidential Daily Brief that was titled “Usama bin Laden determined to strike the U.S. using commercial airliners”? Do you also remember 9/11? That act was President Bush’s fault. He had intelligence information, and he chose to ignore it. Two years later, he had intelligence information that Iraq was stockpiling weapons of mass-destruction. We waged a war in that Country that lasted eight years. We also waged a war in Afghanistan that is still raging on–10 years in fact. Those two wars are the fault of President Bush.

One of the first things that President Bush did when he stole the election in 2000 was to pass his tax cuts for the rich. The tax cuts that added 7 trillion dollars of debt. That said, there are voters in this Country that actually believe that Mitt Romney would make a good president. These are also the same people that gave President Bush a free pass on 9/11. I lost the love of my life in the twin towers. So, I’m really pissed off at Bush. What would make Romney different than Bush?…nothing.

Romney has proven, time and time again, that he lacks a core. He is out-of-touch, and he lacks leadership skills. He is only seeking the office for the perks of power and rides on Air Force One.

When you step into the voting booth in November–instead of asking, “are you better off now than you were four years ago?” try asking yourself, “are you safer now than you were eleven years ago?” A Romney presidency will not make us safer. Don’t believe me? Vote for him, and we will all find out just how safe he keeps us. And, mark my words, if Mitt Romney gets elected and another terrorist attack happens on American soil–I’m gonna be one pissed off son of a bitch.