Regulation, Regulation, Regulation…

I’m having a hard time trying to understand the people who swing their arms violently back and forth raging against regulations. Don’t they live in America? Don’t they benefit from the millions of Government regulations that are designed to help us? I don’t know about you, but if I deposited one thousand dollars into my checking account and the bank goes out of business I hope that I can get my money back. Under current federal regulations if a bank goes out of business customers can recoup their money (up to $250,000) through the Federal Deposit Insurance Corporation.

I’d like to think that when I’m thirsty I can walk over to the kitchen, turn on the faucet, grab a glass and drink enough water that will quench my thirst. I assume that when I drink the water I won’t taste gasoline in it. However, that is what some people want for us–in this Country. The oil companies who want to “frac” for natural gas want to jeopardize our safe drinking water for their big profits. The only way to extract the natural gas that is located deep in the Earth is to locate the drills close to drinking water supplies. There are examples of serious drinking water contamination by the big oil companies. In some cases, homeowners walk up to their faucet, turn it on and put a lighter adjacent to the stream of water coming down…and BOOM! The water ignites into a fireball. Water is not supposed to ignite like a fireball, but the oil companies are swinging their arms violently back and forth against more regulation.

We, as a Country, experienced one of the worst oil spills in history–just over two years ago. The BP oil spill in the Gulf of Mexico dumped over one hundred million gallons of heavy crude oil, and some people are demanding that we need more off-shore drilling. The wildlife is screwed up. The people who helped with the clean up are screwed health-wise, and all we can say is “drill baby drill”?

In order for us to survive we need to start thinking. It’s easy for a person with a motive to say something outlandish. It is also a completely different thing when people listen to that outlandish speech and hold it as the truth. I don’t know where we went wrong as a society, but we really need to look at the big picture. We are all just grains of sand.