Mitt Romney’s Dirty Little Tax Secret

For all intents and purposes, let’s just say that you’re an average-looking guy with a healthy obsession over the hot girl at work. You know damn well you don’t have a shot with her. She’s hot. She makes more money than you. She has an expensive car. She owns a home. She wears fancy labels. She dines at fancy restaurants, and she has dated a celebrity or two…or three. What are you to do? I mean, you’re the guy that lives in a semi-ghetto. You’re the guy that barely makes a decent wage–not enough to upgrade from the piece of shit car that you drive. What are you to do? Me? I would lie my ass off.

I would try to find out all the things that she likes, and I would create an opportunity to strike a conversation with her in order to make us seem like a “match made in heaven”. If I were to be successful in arranging a date with her I would pick her up in a rental car. After the date, if she wanted to go back to my place, I would make sure I pre-arranged a deal with a friend that lives in a nicer apartment that isn’t in the semi-ghetto. And in the end, if I get laid, it would all be worth it. I love women.

Now, what if you are a very good-looking man who came from a privileged family, and you never had to worry about getting the hot girl. Women were never a priority in your life. No, you’re number one priority–your whole entire life–was to make money. Not just a million dollars, but millions and millions of dollars. Your whole fabric of existence is consumed on making money. You don’t care about who you screw over either. So, you and a few of your friends concoct a scheme to fulfill your goal.

You and your friends create a vulture capital firm that borrows money from investors to buy a struggling company. You take advantage of as many Government tax incentives, only to burden the company with debt. Then, displace all the employees and sell off all the assets for a heavy profit. If you manage to do this over and over and over it translates to a boat load of fucking profit, but you’re not the guy that likes to pay taxes on said profit so you park your profit offshore in a Swiss Bank account. Get the picture?

Mitt Romney doesn’t want to release his tax returns which begs the question; what is he hiding?

Mitt Romney created Bain Capital L.L.C. He also served as the Chairman, C.E.O. and President of the organization. He said he retired in 1999–at the start of Bain’s off-shoring jobs practices. However, that is neither here nor there. For years, Mitt Romney has been in the business of screwing people for profit. The man lacks the moral compass to be a human being, never-mind the highest office of this land–Office of The Presidency.

Mitt Romney’s dirty little secret that is hidden in his tax returns is that he is directly profiting by running for President of The United States, and this is how he is doing it–

The reason why it is so difficult to decide on running for office or not is the money that is required to be raised. This is the reason why the people who run and successfully win the office are millionaires. The way it works is the candidate receives the money–in the form of campaign contributions–and is only allowed to spend that money on the campaign. In 2008, Barack Obama raised close to one billion dollars. That money was used to pay for polls, television ads, hotels, food, staff, transportation, etc. Politicians can’t use that money to pay their personal mortgage or car payments. That would violate campaign finance law.

In 2012 (post Citizens United) the stakes are much bigger. However, they are tilted towards the republicans. And that is very good for Mitt Romney. Romney has a chance to beat the one billion dollar mark with all the SuperPac money. What if I were to tell you that Bain Capital owned television and radio stations throughout The United States. What if I were to tell you that the charter company for the airplane that Mitt Romney flies around in is owned by Bain Capital? What if I were to tell you that the clothes that Mitt Romney buys with campaign money is bought at a store that is owned by Bain Capital. Also, all the polling companies that Mitt’s campaign pays are all shadow entities of Bain Capital. That would translate to huge profit for Mitt–profit that would have to be declared in a tax return. A tax return that will clearly state that he is still working for Bain. A tax return that will show the American public just how much profit he has been making just from running for office and successfully failing at it over and over.

I know that this is Mitt’s dirty little secret. The establishment republicans, who by the way hate him, know this is his dirty little secret. The thousands of investigative journalists know Mitt’s dirty little secret.

Here is a guy that lies about his first name, and you wonder why he won’t release his returns????