The Real Reason Romney Picked Paul Ryan

The one thing that Mitt Romney is good at, above all else, is making money. He is so good at it that he is claimed to be worth a quarter of a billion dollars–claims to be. Making money, for Romney, comes easy–and it doesn’t matter who he has to screw over to make it.

The one thing that Mitt Romney is bad at, real bad, is campaigning for president. I mean, he is real bad. However, he is smart. When all the other prominent republican candidates weighed their chances of winning in 2012 they sat it out, but not Mitt Romney. Mitt Romney decided to run. Mitt Romney outspent all the other republican candidates in the republican primary. He launched a full out assault on the likes of Newt Gingrich and Rick Santorum. He made them irrelevant. He did this all without even having the support of the ever-important “base”. He managed to raise hundreds of millions of dollars in campaign funds, but he’s having a hard time trying to beat President Obama. That’s not stopping billionaires like the Koch brothers or Sheldon Adelson to contribute large sums of money to his campaign…a campaign that will lose.

Last Saturday, Mitt Romney chose Rep. Paul Ryan from Wisconsin to be his running mate. Conservatives love Paul Ryan on the ticket. Liberals love Paul Ryan on the ticket. So, why Ryan?

Romney’s short list of candidates included Gov. McDonnell of Virginia, former Senator Bob Portman of Ohio, former Governor Tim Pawlenty of Minnesota, Senator Marco Rubio of Florida. All of the candidates on that list have less baggage than Rep. Paul Ryan. So, why did Romney pick Paul Ryan to be his Vice President? This is the Paul Ryan who wanted to abolish Medicare. This is the Paul Ryan who embraced George W. Bush’s privatizing of Social Security. This is the Paul Ryan that cost many of the republicans who voted for his budget out of a job. This is the same Paul Ryan that current House Republicans are running away from during their re-election campaigns. Again, why did Willard Mitt Romney pick Paul Ryan as his Vice Presidential candidate?

All the other candidates on Romney’s short list have the label “former” attached to them. With the exception of Senator Marco Rubio. Mitt Romney has said, time and time again, that he will not release his tax returns. Some speculate that Mitt Romney pays 0% in Federal Income tax. We know that the most he paid (according to the returns he did release) is 14%.

Mitt Romney is all about making money. Mitt Romney’s donors are all about making money. Mitt and his very rich donors were all introduced in part by The Citizens United ruling handed down from the Supreme Court of The United States. Of all the people to pick to run on the ticket–it sure would make sense to tap the Chairman of the House Budget Committee. Paul Ryan met with Sheldon Adelson over the weekend at a swanky fundraiser with more than a dozen of his billionaire friends–billionaires who want to be uber-billionaires.

While the media and the talking heads debate over who took 700 billion dollars from Medicare or ask if or when Mitt Romney should release his tax returns; Mitt and his rich buddies have a friend in Congressman Paul Ryan, and make no mistake about it–they are crafting bills and appropriations in Congress that will rocket them to uber-billionaire status. We are just the pawns.