Just a little something I thought you should know

Of all the 50 States in the Union what, in your opinion, is the most liberal State? California? Again, of all the States in the Union what is the most conservative? Mississippi? Utah? Wyoming? I ask this because I’m trying to understand the definition of the two ideals. For far too long, conservatives have painted the word “liberal” as this evil thing. The antithesis of a great society where equality and a level playing field trumps all. Liberalism is the utopia of radical socialism. However, we are already living in a fairly socialistic society. A socialistic society that many people like. Programs such as Social Security, Medicare and the progressive tax system are things that a vast majority of Americans enjoy. We pay taxes, and that many is redistributed to things this Nation needs to survive. However, we live in a society where everyone has this notion that they pay their fair share of taxes. Millionaires and billionaires think that they pay more than their share. People making $35,000 a year think they pay their fair share. Sadly, they are both wrong. No one in this Country pays their fair share, and who wants to?

I live in California, and if you were the ones that thought this State is a liberal State…you’re sadly wrong. California is the most segregated State in the Union. Don’t believe me? I dare anyone to come out here and spend 6 months living in Southern California. This State is faced with a twenty-six billion dollar budget deficit. This has been going on year after year with both Democrat and Republican Governor’s. The Governor, Jerry Brown (D), has put a major tax increase on the November ballot. If the tax increases don’t pass he has threatened to cut education spending by eighteen billion dollars. The problem with his plan is that he’s not being honest with the people of California. Conservatives say that the budget deficit is largely to do with illegals. The liberals say it has to do with lack of taxation. The liberals are partly right. The budget deficit problem in California has to do with the fact that most of the major corporations don’t pay taxes.

California has a law that allows big corporations to be exempt from paying State taxes. However, they are allowed to take and keep the State taxes from their employees pay checks every week. They pocket the money, and at the end of the year when the employee files their taxes they receive a refund that the State is responsible for. That is the form of bad socialism. However, it is a conservative idea. They use Government as a piggy bank.

I spent the first 38 years of my life living in the State of Rhode Island. The one thing that I took for granted was the diversity. There were Blacks, Whites, Hispanics, Asians all living together in harmony. And it didn’t matter what neighborhood or town you were in. All the races were reflected. California stands as a dark contrast. I remember when I first came here to California. I wrote a piece for The Examiner and I referred to California as being ethnically diverse. I had a conservative slam me for that observation. Six months after he made that comment I realized, sadly, that he was right. I was blinded because I lived in Santa Monica. The majority population in Santa Monica is Caucasian. Once in a while, an African-American or Hispanic can be seen. However, Santa Monica is mostly white. Santa Monica’s neighboring city, Venice Beach, has it’s mix. However, that is if you add the homeless population. Twenty miles to the North there is the San Fernando Valley. This is an area that has an eighty-percent Hispanic population. Over to the East, in East Los Angeles, there is another eighty percent of Hispanics that occupy that small piece of real estate. However, to the South, there is South/South Central Los Angeles that has an eighty percent African-American population. Most of the manufacturing jobs in Southern California are located in the San Fernando Valley, and a majority of employees are low-paid Hispanic workers. Just to put this in perspective, the average median salary of a machinist is $46,000 a year. However, employers are allowed to pay Hispanic workers an average of $24,000 a year–$30,000 a year with overtime. This is a serious problem that is not being addressed.

Liberals sure talk a good game about fairness and opportunity. Does this sound like a liberal State to you?

In the words of Samuel L. Jackson, “Wake the fuck up”