Seriously. Liberals. Stop it.

Stop saying that Obama was horrible in his debate while Paul Ryan did a good job. Paul Ryan sucked, and you know that shit. Stop saying that Biden didn’t say the word “women” more. Stop saying that his laughing and smiling were irritating. You ever wonder why democrats can’t govern as liberals? It’s because there is no satisfying you pricks. Just STFU and vote.

I refuse to apologize for my political rhetoric. This is the most important election of our lives. If democrats feel it’s more important to hit the bars and nightclubs, or attend a keg party rather than vote for their interests–we’re fucked. The young fucking morons in this Country don’t have a clue at what it means to fight. Every generation before them had to fight for their rights, and a vote for Romney/Ryan will roll back every right we have. Don’t believe me? I dare you to vote for them.

Blacks had to fight for their right just to be a fucking whole person. They had to face fire hoses and German Shepard’s when fighting for their right to sit in front of the bus. They had to fight for their right to vote. They had to fight for their right to marry a person who is of a different color. They had to fight for their right to get a level playing field to just get considered for a job or have access to higher education–affirmative action. They even had to fight for their right to own land!

Women had to fight too. Women fought for their right to vote. Women fought for their right to equal pay. Women even fought for having to decide what to do with their bodies regarding reproductive rights. Women had to fight–and are still fighting– against sexism and discrimination. Gentleman, they are not sex objects. They are our moms, sisters and aunts. Stop checking out their tits.

And we have the gays–the homosexuals–the transgendered. This is their moment now. They are fighting for their fundamental right to get married. They are fighting for their fundamental right for equality that the other minorities before them have fought and won. This is their moment now, and for a member of another minority group to not support them is absolutely fucking ridiculous. There is no other greater friend to the black community than the gays–second only to the Jewish.

Conservatives, however, never had to fight. The voters just have to give them the keys to the Government and they legislate all the things that take liberals generations to overturn. The 2012 presidential election is a big fucking deal. Every thing that people and liberals fought and died for over the past 100 years is on the line. We live our lives totally fucking clueless at all the goods things that Government contributes to make our lives better. We drink safe water. We breathe fairly clean air. The air would be cleaner if we elected more democrats, and that’s the problem. Democrats are not enthused to vote. Conservatives hate to fight for rights, but they love to vote. They love to vote so you don’t have to.

All I have to say to liberals is this. Shut the fuck up and vote. If you don’t vote, all that talk about how the economy isn’t growing fast enough won’t amount to a hill of shit when we’re in a depression twice as bad as the one in 1929. Oh, by the way, we will be living under policies created in 1929.


3 thoughts on “Seriously. Liberals. Stop it.

  1. I just had this convo with a fellow Lib: We need to stand up, grow a pair, and fight for what we believe is just. Conservatives attack while Liberals cower. It’s frustrating! I’m tired of Democrats always playing defense…Throw a punch or two to advance your stance. Conservatives are gonna fight you so, you might as well push back and not make it so easy for them.

    • You’re absolutely right, Ronnie. I’m always fighting wingnuts alone while other liberals cower. I’m often outnumbered, but I believe the only way to fight them is through words and not fact. They operate on feelings and emotions. Attacking them on that usually gets them to shut up. However, we need to get out and vote.

      • Amen, brother! Know that you have someone fighting the same fight here in conversative Indiana. Some of my liberal friends just get frustrated with the fight and back down…but that’s why we keep losing! A few of us have decided not let up and try to empower our fellow libs to stand up.

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