Hey, Undecided Voter, I’m Gonna Make Fun Of You

If you’re an undecided voter in the most important election of our lives than there is no saving your soul. The choice is simple; Do you want to trust a used car salesman to take us back to the same failed policies that sent the greatest Nation on Earth to the brink of collapse? You do know what a used car salesman is, right?

Can you trust a man to create jobs for Americans when his twenty-five years of business experience was devoted to the destruction of jobs for fast cash? Can you trust that after twenty or thirty years of tax cuts for the rich not working–to magically work in creating jobs? Or,do you want a stable, steady hand on the steering wheel. A person who has done almost everything they campaigned on, and you’re sitting there not being able to decide who won the second presidential debate? If you can’t figure out who won the debate you’re not an undecided voter, and don’t tell me that you voted for Obama in 2008. You voted for Bush in 2000, Bush in 2004, and McCain in 2008. So, stop it with this bullshit that you voted for Obama and that you’re unsatisfied with his performance. Hey, I voted for Obama in 2008, and I haven’t always been satisfied with his performance. However, that all changed when he had Usama bin Laden killed. Remember that guy? So, if you’re unsatisfied with his performance welcome to the Democratic Party.

NBC News had the idiocy of the undecided voter in full display. NBC News reporter, Ron Allen, hosted an eight person focus group of undecided voters. They watched the debate and commented on it at the end. When Ron Allen asked, “If you think President Obama won the debate raise your hands.” Only one person out of the eight raised their hands. “If you think Governor Romney won the debate raise your hands” Only one person raised their hand, but this person later on claimed that Mr. Romney will get his vote. However, the best part came when Chris Matthews, from MSNBC, asked the four women in the focus group how they felt when Mitt Romney didn’t answer the question regarding equal pay for equal work. A young woman, in her early twenties, answered by saying, “Yeah, I know he didn’t answer the question but who cares? We need jobs in this Country!” I find it fascinating when people vote against their own interests. While you fucking morons weren’t paying attention, the republicans were plotting a scheme to end abortion, make it a criminal act to masturbate, requiring women to involuntarily submit to a transvaginal ultrasound in order to receive an important medical procedure, redefine rape and block the right for minorities to vote.

While you were at McDonalds, staring at the menu, for five minutes trying to decide if you should go for the Big Mac or the Quarter Pounder combo meal–while angering the people behind you–the republicans were plotting a scheme to say no to everything the president wanted in his first-term to make him a one-term president. Their plan was to say no to anything that would benefit the economy that will benefit the American, which includes you–the low-information..I mean undecided voter. It’s a shame that you don’t know that. It’s also a shame that you don’t know that washing down that 3,000 calorie combo meal you just bought with a Diet Coke is still gonna make you fat, and you’ll still be stupid.

The choice in this election is clear. This isn’t the same decision that democrats had to make in the 2008 primary. We had two very historic candidates. We had Hillary Clinton and Barack Obama. As democrats, they were virtually the same on the issues, but it wasn’t a hard decision for me. I voted for Hillary in the primary, and I voted for Obama in the general election. When I voted for Hillary I knew that she wasn’t going to win, but I proudly cast my vote for her. I also shed tears when I voted for Obama, and they were tears of joy. We have come so far, and to you we haven’t come far enough.

California has one of the highest unemployment rates in this Country, and every time I go to the mall it is packed. Every time I go to a restaurant it is packed. It doesn’t matter if I’m driving on the road morning, noon or night the streets are paved with people driving vehicles recently purchased from a new car dealer. I see this day in and day out. The undecided voter, on the other hand?

So, just stop it with this bullshit notion that you’re undecided. You believed that President Clinton should get impeached over a blowjob. You supported the war in Afghanistan, and the preemptive war in Iraq. You supported the tax cuts for the rich when you didn’t even have a chance of receiving any of the benefit. You gave President Bush a second term to screw this Country over. You gave that guy eight years, and now you have your own save me Jesus moment? The economy isn’t moving fast enough for you, but I bet it sure was falling fast enough for you.