Here’s Some Real Talk…

I’ve said this time and time again; when I was in the military our leaders told us that we were as strong as our weakest link. If someone messed up in boot camp we would all be forced to pay the price. That payment came in the form of extra push-ups, jumping jacks, an added mile on our runs. However, these actions made us tougher. Our “punishment” didn’t include smoking a pack of cigarettes. Our “punishment” didn’t involve having unprotected sex with strangers that we viewed as “hot” enough to not have AIDS. The military is built around discipline. If you are the type who does not like discipline you will be quickly weeded out. My first day of boot camp was hell, but I made a commitment. I signed on the dotted line, and I raised my right hand to uphold the Constitution of The United States. To me, this was serious enough to stick it out. The first three weeks were hell. However, I witnessed people who didn’t take their oath seriously. The first week of boot camp I saw thirty people ask to leave, and–for most of them–their request was granted. However, they weren’t able to go back to the confines of their own home the next day. They had to spend the next 4-5 weeks getting processed out of the military. If they just stuck it out, they would have graduated and made it into the fleet. They didn’t.

I tell this story because it is important. This is what is going on in every aspect of life, and the fight for income equality and civil rights. It is easy to blame corporations and the 1% for all the income inequality, but what about the 99%? I’m not a math expert but 99% is a lot bigger than 1%.

In just the past five years, I’ve witnessed the 99% not ask for vacation days, work 20 hours overtime, and work without a pay raise for as much as 6 years. When one of their fellow co-workers loses their job they pick up the slack. They are forced to do the job of 2-3 people while still making the same amount of money. They do it for risk of getting fired. They justify their actions as a means to support their family. On average, Americans work 6 days a week. Management works 24 hours a day/ 7 days a week thanks to the invention of smartphones.

This doesn’t have to be!

Walmart is the largest employer in this Nation. They net $16 billion a year, and they only pay their workers minimum wage. Their workers can sell the goods, but they can’t afford the goods. With that said, what do they do? They continue to work at Walmart. They continue to shop at Walmart, and they are not alone. Millions of Americans shop at Walmart. People shop at the biggest job killer in this Country. When a Walmart pops-up they kill all the small businesses that surround a 30 mile radius. Where is the outrage?

I expect Walmart to do what they do. They are in business to make money, but what I don’t expect is for Americans to be lazy and support them. Let’s face it, the only reason people shop at Walmart is because they are too fucking lazy to find another place to shop.

Americans are fat, fucking lazy, disgusting pieces of shit. Corporations are constantly fucking us up the ass and we want more. We need to get fucked up the ass so we can embolden them to do it harder, faster and more often.


We need the 99% to come out and say enough! You don’t like how you’re not in the middle-class? Stop shopping at Walmart. Don’t like how you haven’t received a raise in 3 years? Start saying no to the boss.

Again, we are only as strong as our weakest link. If we continue to be silent at this juncture then we deserve what we get, but I was taught that we are better than that. Imagine a Country that fought hard for organized labor and strong unions rather than fighting each other for the last box of Twinkies on the supermarket shelves.