I’m Trying To understand Hollywood Liberalism

I made it out to Hollywood with a tiny inkling of making it in the industry. I would have been a fool to not try, right? I’ve been on a few auditions, and I even made it on a few television shows as an extra. As much fun as it was, I realized something important. I can’t take rejection. It’s so hard to put all this time and effort into something only to have a person on the other end dismiss you for your looks. The one thing about the audition process that infuriated me was how everyone looked the same. They managed to lock themselves up in this box. The men would wear vintage clothing. The women would wear provocative outfits, and retro hairdo’s. They both would be covered in tattoos, and they would look at me like I was the asshole.

I don’t think that I went through the process to see if I can make it. I think I went through the process to observe the behavior and mannerisms of others. The people who try to make it in acting spend the first few years networking with other people, but they are targeted in their associations. They wouldn’t network with a person like me if I didn’t have connections, but if i told them that I knew Danny DeVito or Ron Silver they would beg for my attention. They would also try to weasel information out of me, “Oh, I know Danny too. I met him at a party last year, is his phone number still the same? I got (323) 317-2385”. That’s my cue to say, “No, he changed it. It’s …”. Of course, when I wouldn’t give them the number they would sleep with me to have a chance to go through my phone and find it. They wouldn’t find anything, because I don’t know Danny or Ron Silver. The sex was great though.

Of course, they don’t get discouraged. They keep going on, and on, and on until it happens. And when it happens, watch out. Because they will ditch everyone who ever helped them along the way, and kick down the people who have the same goal. I often wonder why most of these people have problems with drugs and alcohol. I don’t wonder anymore, but I do wonder why most of these people claim to be liberals.

I’m a liberal because I believe in equality for all. If someone asked me for help I would help them, even if I hate them. I can say that I won’t, but I will. I’m a liberal because I’m disgusted at all the corporate greed and selfishness plaguing this Country. I’m a liberal because I believe that Government does have a role. So, how can I believe that celebrities are liberal when they are part of the 1% who are against things that liberals are for. As a liberal, I believe in downloading free music on the internet. Musicians don’t like it because it cuts in on their profit. These people make millions of dollars a year, but they don’t contribute to society like liberals do. I’ve never seen a celebrity driving around a Hyundai. In fact, even in their climb to the top they never drove anything less than a BMW or Mercedes. That’s not any liberal that I know.

Liberals are supposed to be caring, responsible, intelligent individuals. Or at least, that’s my vision of one. When a celebrity decides to take to Twitter they only make posts that will make them money. They refuse to interact or acknowledge their fans. They refuse to mentor the future up and comers. They do whatever in their power to protect their livelihoods.

I have a lot of regrets in my life, but I’m thankful for never getting into the business. I possess enough talent, but I choose to be one of the many faceless people in the crowds that make this Country great. I can’t say that for the selfish that live in their Ivory Towers.


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